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Let us help you build a highly engaged supporter base with EveryAction.The EveryAction Difference

What's EveryAction?

Everything in one CRM

Better segmentation, data management, and reporting with a single system that's built especially for nonprofits.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Built and supported by nonprofit experts, our tools allow nonprofits of all sizes to optimize your interactions with your supporters and prospects, leading to the best outcomes.

  • Targeted Email

    Create beautiful emails with integrated one-click donations and unmatched deliverability rates.

  • Online Donations

    Mobile-optimized, mulit-step donation pages -- built for one-click giving and secondary ask sequencing.

  • Social Network Integration

    Monitor and track influential supporters with Social Matching & Listening.

  • Donor Management

    Raise more money by keeping your online and offline efforts organized in one place

  • Advocacy

    Influence decision makers with one-click advocacy actions and use secondary asks to turn advocates into donors.

  • Reporting

    Utilize powerful report templates, a custom report builder, and data vizualization to picture the metrics you need.

  • Network Effect

    Leverage over 47 million Action Profiles, which prefill forms and help your list gain momentum

  • Voter Contact

    Supporter organizing tools including canvassing, to phone banking, to events, and direct mail.

  • PAC Compliance & Reporting

    Simple PAC compliance reporting, built directly into your fundaising database.