10 Best Nonprofit Newsletters + Top Newsletter Tips & Ideas!

July 18, 2018 | EveryAction Team
Screenshot of National Council of Nonprofits newsletter

As a nonprofit professional, you’re always on the lookout for ways to keep your ear to the ground and stay ahead of the curve. 

For example, you might be asking yourself: What new trends are cropping up in the social impact space? What thought leaders and other big names are creating buzz? And most importantly, how can you strengthen brand awareness for your nonprofit and engage new audiences?

These are tough questions, but there’s one tool that can have a big impact on brand recognition, supporter engagement, and other important markers of nonprofit success: your newsletter. Nonprofit newsletters are a critical tool not only for nurturing supporter relationships, but also for establishing your brand among other social good organizations.

To help you take full advantage of your organization’s newsletter, we’ll cover the ten best nonprofit email newsletters.

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10 Best nonprofit email newsletters to inspire you

Maybe you’re just on the lookout for great nonprofit newsletters to subscribe to so that you can flash around your sector-specific knowledge at the office. Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration to create a newsletter that turns the nonprofit sector on its head. Whatever your goal, we’ve got you covered. 

From the must-have sources of industry news to c

1. Nonprofit Tech for Good – Weekly Newsletter

This newsletter campaign falls into the nonprofit life-hack category—a general collection of links from Nonprofit Tech for Good’s excellent blog, including blog posts, webinars, and even conferences.

Subscribe if: You’re on the hunt for educational content to enrich your general nonprofit expertise.

2. Moz – Newsletter

Moz is a fascinating resource for all things SEO and content marketing, areas from which nonprofits can learn a great deal. If you want to stay ahead of the digital curve, you’ll want to check out Moz’s newsletter. In particular, their Whiteboard Friday videos are a fantastic resource to enhance your SEO knowledge.

Subscribe if: You’re in the nonprofit communications or digital sphere and you want to be right on the bleeding edge.

3. Nonprofit Hub – Hubcap

Not only is Nonprofit Hub’s content great, their newsletter is also well designed and stands out from the general tumult of information you often find in your inbox. If you’re looking for a newsletter you can absorb at a glance and decide what articles you’d like to read, this is the one for you.

Subscribe if: You’re as busy as all get-out, but you still want to read an article or two.

4. NTEN – Connect Monthly

Do you like your newsletters nice and brief? How about more granular and involved? Either way, NTEN’s Connect newsletter is the one for you. Whether you like to skim the blog posts and webinars or get amongst the details, NTEN has everything you need.

Subscribe if: There’s never enough content to satisfy you.

5. Your state nonprofit association’s newsletter

It’s no good knowing all about tech and nonprofit marketing across the country if you don’t know what’s happening in your backyard. Search the National Council of Nonprofits’ database for your state association’s newsletter and keep up to speed with the regional issues that affect your organization. 

For example, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits runs several informative newsletters based on readers’ topics of interest and location, creating an organized and informative newsletter program where subscribers can curate their own experiences.

Subscribe if: You’re sick of saying, “How did I not know about that!?”

6. National Council of Nonprofits – Nonprofit Knowledge Matters

While you’re signing up for your state association’s newsletter, you might want to sign up for the National Council of Nonprofits’ too. Their newsletter will keep you up to speed on any national policy issues that affect your work, not to mention connect you with some seriously useful tools and best practices guidelines.

Subscribe if: You’re the one that gets things done around here.

7. Big Duck

We love Big Duck and all the hard work their branding and marketing agency does to forward nonprofit missions. However, while their focus is branding and online marketing,  their content also deals with all sorts of other challenges—from managing your manager to fine-tuning that #GivingTuesday fundraising appeal.

Subscribe if: Marketing, branding, and communications is what you’re about.

8. SM4NP – Monthly Newsletter

SM4NP stands for Social Media for Nonprofits. Pretty self-explanatory, right? If your role has anything to do with tweeting, liking, sharing, subscribing, or following, then this is for you. Navigating the complex world of social media is a whole lot easier with this newsletter to keep your head above water.

Subscribe if: Twitter chats are on your calendar and scheduling tweets is how you start your day.

9. We Are For Good

From its eye-catching website to its bingeable nonprofit podcast, We Are For Good is a content-generating machine that seeks to inform and entertain its audience with all things related to the nonprofit world. This multimedia newsletter follows in the footsteps of the rest of the We Are For Good brand, meaning that it’s packed with educational content yet delivered in a fun and cheeky way. 

Subscribe if: You want to keep a pulse on the nonprofit world with plenty of fun content and touchpoints to keep you engaged!

10. Buzzfeed – This Week in Cats

This is one of the most popular newsletters in the world—after all, cats on the internet are a phenomenon that surpasses all divisions of race, religion, age, location, or gender. This Week in Cats is guaranteed to deliver happiness and stress relief every Friday without fail. Bonus points for inviting anyone who needs a pick-me-up over to your computer to read it with you.

Subscribe if: You have a pulse.

BONUS: EveryAction Top 5

This is our own, home-grown newsletter. We might be a little biased, but we like to think of it as the cream of the crop, featuring blogs, short expert interviews, case studies, and guides. Our goal is to cover all the things nonprofits are thinking about—from grassroots fundraising, to email deliverability, to nonprofit administration, to scoring new major gifts—all in a helpful and engaging way. 

Long story short: it’s a great mix of content to help you get better at what you do, and impress everyone else while you’re at it.

Subscribe if: You want a stunning nonprofit newsletter that inspires, engages, and informs.

There you have it: 11 newsletters to keep you informed, skilled, traveling, and laughing. However, you’ll still need a bit more information to take the nonprofit world by storm. Let’s circle back and review basic information, best practices, and ideas to equip you with everything you need to create your own powerful newsletters!

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Additional Resources

It’s clear that creating a great nonprofit newsletter your supporters will want to read is a delicate balancing act. You’ll need to find the right blend of content and strategies that work for your organization’s unique needs. But with these tips and tools, you’ll be well on your way to crafting stunning email newsletters for your nonprofit.

Want to learn more about all things in the realm of nonprofit outreach, communications, and marketing? Check out these great resources:  

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