3 Tools to Make Nonprofit Omni-Channel Marketing Easy

November 2, 2020 | EveryAction Team
3 Tools to Make Nonprofit Omni-Channel Marketing Easy

You’re probably well familiar with running multi-channel campaigns at your nonprofit, pushing out your content through a variety of platforms to catch the most supporters. While this is certainly more effective than a single-channel campaign, marketing technology has evolved to offer a much better option: omni-channel marketing. Already well embedded in corporate marketing, omni-channel marketing strategy is now making its way into the nonprofit sphere.

Rather than simply publishing content on multiple channels, an omni-channel strategy focuses on how a supporter is interacting with your organization and provides tailored content to move them along their journey. For your nonprofit to effectively implement an omni-channel marketing strategy, it must make sure it has the right tools to assess a supporter’s interaction with your organization and provide the right message, in the right channel, at the right time.

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These are the three tools that will lay the foundation for a results-driven omni-channel marketing campaign:


In an omni-channel strategy, where multiple channels actively work together to maximize supporter relationships, a unified CRM is necessary.

The cohesive, user-centered nature of omni-channel marketing requires accurate and instant data collection to make informed decisions and provide personalized content. If your digital database doesn’t allow you to also quickly access information about how a supporter is taking action offline, such as volunteering or responding to a phone call, your campaigns will lack critical information, and if you’re stuck waiting on manual data transfers or an unreliable integration it is impossible to quickly pivot communication. A unified CRM consolidates essential supporter data in one convenient, easy-to-access location, including all of their contact information, their communication history, and their engagement history.

Using an easy-to-navigate, consolidated database, nonprofit marketers can confidently segment supporters based on their interactions in any channel and map out a personalized experience for each of them. A unified database gives nonprofits the agility to adjust campaigns in seconds, such changing an email workflow based on an interaction that happened on the phone or following up on a direct mail gift with text messages.

EveryAction 360°

EveryAction offers a unified platform that equips organizations with the capabilities to advance their mission through easy-to-use tools and easy-to-access data. EveryAction 360°, specifically designed for small and mid-sized nonprofits, streamlines workflows, breaks down silos, and boosts program performance in order to increase fundraising, simplify operations, and activate supporters to achieve real impact.

EveryAction 360° can empower your nonprofit with the tools and capabilities to unify all of your supporter data, communication programs, and fundraising campaigns on a single digital platform in order to drive operational efficiency and greater collaboration across your organization and between each of your communication channels.

This way, instead of a disjointed, static approach to communication and engagement, every communication you send to your donors can be informed by your past relationship with them – just like they would if you were talking to each of them individually. Because like life, the journey of a supporter is never linear, and our tools give nonprofits the opportunity to walk alongside their donors every step of the way.


Like a unified database/CRM, good timing is an essential component of omni-channel marketing. In a one-on-one conversation, you’ll respond quickly to what is said, with a tailored response. Of course, no nonprofit has the time or staff to engage in personal conversations with thousands of individual donors, which is where automation comes in.

With workflow automation technology, nonprofits can build out triggered campaigns that include a variety of communication channels and branched options, meaning that you can send timeline, personalized communications to thousands of supporters without staying late at work.

Once you’ve set up an automation workflow, you’ll be one step closer to providing an omni-channel experience to your supporters. Setting up complex workflows can be time-intensive up front (although they’ll certainly pay off in the long run), this is why EveryAction comes with built in workflow templates, so you won’t be starting from scratch. With your communication channels automated, you’ll have more time to spend on the tasks that require a human touch.

After you’ve collected supporter data and have the ability to segment it within your CRM, automation puts it to use, sending the right messages, to the right supporters, at the right times.


Workflow Automation on EveryAction was designed to be an intuitive and visual way for nonprofits to streamline repetitive tasks and communications. This allows organizations to focus more of its time on meaningfully driving strategy, raising more money, and doing more good. Our technology lets your nonprofit easily leverage its EveryAction data into action with personalized communications based on your supporters’ behaviors.

Workflow Automation on EveryAction lets nonprofits welcome new supporters, re-engage subscribers, convert supporters into donors, and re-capture lapsed sustainers. The user-friendly, visual interface is fully customizable and provides real-time analysis. With Workflow Automation on EveryAction, the communication between your organization and your supporters are consistent, relevant and up-to-date, and tailored based on their unique actions and behaviors.


An omni-channel campaign can only be successful if it’s measurable. A strong analytics and reporting tool helps nonprofits keep track of performance, monitor supporter activity, and flag any potential areas that require re-adjusting to optimize outcomes. Using this technology enables organizations to actively listen to audiences and make data-informed decisions moving forward.

Predictive analytics is a next-level tool that grants fundraisers with the ability to predict donor behavior based on their past behavior. This type of analytics reporting gives valuable insight into which donor is likely to respond to certain fundraising asks and is powerful when paired with automated campaigns.


Reporting in EveryAction

Reporting on EveryAction makes things simple with highly customizable forms on our report builder to offer a real-time picture of supporters across all channels, source tracking to easily search, track, and report on fundraising goals and performance, and the capability to build fully customizable analytics dashboards to easily visualize, communicate, and share the data stored in your CRM.

Now that you have an idea of the foundational tools necessary for an effective omni-channel marketing campaign for your nonprofit, get a demo to see how EveryAction 360° can revolutionize your fundraising strategy. If you’re ready to begin implementing an omni-channel strategy, download our free template to help get your plan started.