4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Website for End-of-Year Fundraising

November 4, 2018  |  Gabby Weiss

The year-end giving season always offers a unique opportunity to engage with your members, donors, and volunteers. It’s a busy time for fundraising, which means you’re competing with a lot of other nonprofits and causes for their attention and support. One of the most important ways to prepare for the end-of-year fundraising season is updating your website, likely the easiest and one of the most common ways that supporters and the public interact with your organization.

1. Update the content

Make sure that the content on display is up-to-date, and accurately reflects the image and message that you want to communicate about your organization during your year-end campaign. Updating your blog, choosing a new featured article for your homepage, and making sure that the images displayed across each are relevant and coordinated ensures that website visitors will immediately be directed to the information that you want them to see, and won’t be left with out-of-date materials or questions about what your organization has been working on.

2. Update your donation page

Make sure that your donation page is optimized to create as many conversions as possible! This includes not only ensuring it follows the most recent research and best practices for donation pages, but also that its message and visuals are aligned with the rest of your end-of-year campaign. Whether someone navigates to your donation page from your website’s homepage, a social media post, a direct mail piece, or other communication, the message and experience should be unified and cohesive. Check out 5 Ways to Optimize Your Donation Pages for End-of-Year Fundraising for more!

3. Use a pop-up lightbox

Lightboxes are graphics that appear after a few seconds of visiting a website. They’re a surefire way to grab the eye of your website visitors and call attention to your year-end fundraising campaign. You can configure lightboxes to only show up in strategic places, such as your most viewed pages and set them to show up only once per visit so that they don’t irritate your visitors. Consider creating a series of three or four lightboxes that can communicate urgency as you approach the Dec 31 year-end deadline.

4. Redirect your homepage to a themed landing page

A landing page is a unique webpage built for a single purpose—usually containing a form for capturing email addresses or donations. Creating a landing page for your year end campaign and using it as a temporary homepage means it will be the first thing that visitors to your website see—free from from the other distractions and navigation options on your homepage (the only navigation option on your landing page besides the donation form should be for users to access your homepage).

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