5 Ways EveryAction’s Digital Services Can Help You Raise More Money

June 29, 2020 | EveryAction Team
5 Ways EveryAction’s Digital Services Can Help You Raise More Money

Due to the quickly evolving nature of technology, keeping your nonprofit’s digital presence up to date is an ongoing task. Maximizing both your user’s experience and the conversion rates of your website, donation pages, and emails can be time-consuming, but it is well worth the effort. This is where EveryAction’s Digital Services team comes in. EveryAction Digital Services offer custom websites, email templates, online forms, technical support, and private training for nonprofits looking for an upgrade or just for something new. While EveryAction forms and email templates come optimized and ready-to-use right out of the box, if you’re looking to push your web presence to the next level, customization for your organization might be the answer. We spoke to a few Digital Services clients about how our team has helped them raise more money, and what they can do for you:

1. Increased online giving through optimized, streamlined forms

There’s a strong correlation between the design of a donation form and how effectively that form will convert donations. After taking advantage of EveryAction Digital Services, Houston SPCA saw a 15% increase in online giving.

“I will say that our online giving is 15% higher than a year ago,” said Jo Sullivan, Interim VP of Development at Houston SPCA. “It’s really [because of] people going straight to forms or from outbound to email, or driven through social media back to the forms that we’ve re-created through EveryAction, and I know that part of the reason that it’s increased in conversions to visiting to giving is because our forms are simpler and cleaner.”

“With the launch of our embedded donation form, website contributions have also increased 22% compared to the same time last year,” another nonprofit organization said.

2. Better emails = better click rates & better fundraising

Improving email design and functionality can result in positive trends when observing key performance indicators like click rate and conversion rate.

“All of the key metrics that we all look at in the fundraising world for success in emails all have positive trends around EveryAction,” Sullivan said.

“In the first three months of using the new templates created by EveryAction, the Association was able [to] quadruple online giving through our email marketing efforts,” said Meghan Burns, Director of Marketing at Team Tourette. “This is a direct relationship between the care that the Digital Services team put in to making sure our email templates were well thought out, working in tandem with our IT team to set up and launch the system, and that it would hit the inbox of our constituents.”

3. Increase in new subscribers

The results your nonprofit will see from enhancing your digital platforms can be found anywhere you have a form on your website. One nonprofit organization found that by switching to EveryAction, they could align their forms with their branding and achieve visually appealing forms that provided an enhanced user experience for their audience. The result? More subscribers.

“Since launching our sign-up forms we have recognized a 22% increase in new subscribers,” another nonprofit said.

4. Expert technical support and guidance to make the most of your digital tools

Even when you have the best tools, if you’re not using them to their full potential, you’ll be missing out. This is often especially true for smaller organizations with less bandwidth to take on technically challenging projects. Sullivan, from Houston SPCA, recognized this and took advantage of the expert technical support and guidance EveryAction offers, noting that, “In the moments that I desperately need [the Digital Services team] and they’re there, they don’t only fix it, they teach me – that’s gold.”

5. Giving users control over communication preferences increases engagement

Houston SPCA saw a link between implementing a self-service portal for supporters, which also reflected the organization’s branding, and an increase in audience engagement. Another nonprofit organization echoed this sentiment, saying, “[EveryAction] developed stylized forms that allow us to create engaging, dynamic stand-alone forms quickly and easily,” they said. “Not only is the process user-friendly for our organization, but our audience also benefits from intuitive navigation and control over their communication preferences.”

EveryAction is an intuitive, user-friendly tool that allows users of any skill-level to easily create streamlined, mobile optimized online donation forms, but if your organization is looking to move beyond the out-of-the-box features and build custom branded templates, the Digital Services team is here to help. Jo Sullivan of the Houston SPCA recommended, “if you’re a [smaller] organization, invest upfront, get your themes built, get your branding set up, get some learning under your belt, and it’ll make a huge difference in your ability to fundraising and communicate quickly.” No matter your organization’s size or how long you’ve been using EveryAction, the Digital Services team can help you optimize your communications and conversions. If you’re interested in how the Digital Services team can help you customize your web presence and increase engagement, let us know at community@everyaction.com!