7 Tips to Make This Year Your Best #GivingTuesday Ever

October 10, 2018  |  Gabby Weiss

#GivingTuesday is right around the corner! Whether you’re still putting together your plan, or just double checking to make sure that everything is ready to go, here are seven tips to decrease your stress and increase your fundraising this year. For even more helpful tools for maximizing the money you raise and saving yourself time and stress this year, check out our Resource Library.

1. Make a plan (and stick to it!)

Make a detailed plan for all of the outreach you’ll do throughout your Giving Tuesday campaign efforts—putting the time into writing it all down ahead of time will save you from scrambling at the last minute or forgetting anything important in the campaign rush. Your plan should include a timeline, a list of the tactics you plan to implement, and a summary of your goals broken down by how they will be achieved. Download our easy-to-use Giving Tuesday campaign guide to put yours together today.

2. Use testing to maximize your digital engagement

Because most Giving Tuesday efforts happen online, your supporters will likely be inundated with related messaging from multiple sources. To make sure that your voice breaks through the crowd, it’s important to use effective digital testing wherever possible, to fine-tune your messaging and maximize its impact with your audience. Email subject lines, donation page styles, and more can all be tested to determine the most effective styles for your universe.

3. Stay organized 

As the day gets closer, schedules are packed and tensions can run high as staff balances holiday plans with preparing for this important fundraising event. Make sure that nothing gets overlooked or forgotten in the shuffle by using a checklist to keep your team organized and quickly spot anything that needs to be addressed before it causes a problem.

4. Attract more sustaining donors

The influx of donations on Giving Tuesday is exhilarating for nonprofits, but it’s even better when the experience is repeated every month. Highlighting sustained giving options for your supporters (such as monthly or quarterly giving) helps you reap the benefits of Giving Tuesday throughout the year. For tips and instructions on how to gain more sustainers, use this guide!

5. Keep it interesting

Don’t run the same Giving Tuesday campaign every year—pique your members’ interest with something new and engaging. Annual campaigns can be difficult because they require both stability and innovation. In our guide to effective annual giving campaigns, you'll find tips on keeping your annual campaigns like Giving Tuesday and End of Year fresh, exciting, and successful every year.

6. Keep donors around for the long haul

While hitting your fundraising goal for Giving Tuesday is important, the work doesn't stop there. It's important that you start working right away to cultivate Giving Tuesday donors, building them to be loyal supporters year-round. Especially for donors who give for the first time, a warm welcome and positive engagement with your organization will increase your chances of keeping them as long-term supporters. Our Development Program Planning Guide includes great strategies for donor retention to help you maximize your investment in Giving Tuesday donors.

7. Use automation to save time and stress

When possible, save yourself time and effort by creating automated processes to do the work for you. Creating email series with automatic triggers allows you to thank new donors and introduce them to your organization, or strategically reengage lapsed donors, without even having to think about it. Check out our guide to fundraising automation to see how!