Create a Consistent Supporter Experience Using Themes

January 18, 2017  |  EveryAction Team

In order to inspire confidence in their supporters and reinforce a positive brand image, organizations should have a consistent, unified design across their website, sign-up forms, and donation pages. 

The new Themes feature available in Online Actions makes this easier by giving EveryAction users greater freedom and more options to customize the design of their forms.

Themes are reusable, so multiple forms can reference the same Theme and clients can create as many Themes as they need. Clients can have a primary Theme that matches their main website's design, while creating separate Themes to reflect the look of a special campaign or micro-site. 

When creating a new form, users now see a drop-down menu featuring different Themes they've created:

...In setting up a new Theme, the user has access to the <head> and <body> areas of the page. From there, they can add in any CSS, Javascript, or really any custom code they need, such as a remarketing pixel on every form, or a snippet of analytics code beyond the existing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations. Additionally, users can set dynamic social share open graph descriptions, images, and titles to help promote their actions and acquire new supporters.

Check out this custom Theme used by the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice:

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