Digital Must-Haves for Fall Fundraising Success Part 4: Sustainer Upsell Lightbox

October 8, 2020  |  Richard Gabrintina

With only a few more weeks until #GivingTuesday, we’ve passed the halfway mark of our “Digital Must-Have for Fall Fundraising Success” blog post series. Need to catch up? Make sure to read up on dynamic ask strings, one-click donations, and cover costs to learn how your nonprofit can leverage these tools for fundraising campaigns at any time of the year, but especially in time for this fall fundraising season. In part four of our series, we’ll be highlighting the impact of using a sustainer upsell lightbox.

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What is a sustainer upsell lightbox?

The upsell lightbox is a pop-up that appears during the donation process to make a pitch for converting a one-time gift into a monthly gift that is a smaller initial amount, but larger annual contribution. Lightboxes are an effective tactic for converting one-time donors to monthly donors and increasing long-term revenue. With EveryAction's lightbox feature, nonprofits can increase annual fundraising revenue from their supporters and grow their sustainer programs.

Example of an upsell lightbox

Why should my nonprofit use one?

Most people default to making one-time gifts, especially on #GivingTuesday. An upsell lightbox is an effective tool for explaining why monthly gifts are so important for a nonprofit, without taking up space or cluttering your donation page. When supporters submit a one-time gift, the upsell lightbox pops up on screen and makes the pitch to consider changing their one-time gift to a smaller monthly amount.

On average, the lifetime value of a sustainer is estimated at 600-800% higher than that of a one-time giver. Even if the monthly amount might not seem like a lot right away, the value will add up to a greater gift over the course of the year. A single one-time gift of $500 may boost your monthly revenue, but a recurring monthly gift of $50 adds up to $600 after a year - and for many donors it is a great way to make a big impact for your organization, without feeling a big impact on their budget.

When your nonprofit emphasizes becoming a sustainer, it helps reduce your fundraising costs and promotes a lifetime relationship between the donor and your organization. Many donors also appreciate the set-and-forget convenience of regular, automated donations. This is especially true for the younger generations, like millennials, of whom 40% are enrolled in a monthly giving program.

The bottom line? They work. No, really. When Cornershop Creative implemented upsell lightboxes for their clients, they saw a 4-10% increase in revenue. Nonprofits considering taking advantage of an upsell lightbox should start testing as early as possible, especially before the heavy-hitting fundraising days, to develop the right language that will resonate most with supporters. Explaining why sustainer gifts are important to your nonprofit can also make an impact; don’t assume that your donors already know.

Are you ready to strengthen your sustainer program and increase revenue with an upsell lightbox? With EveryAction’s digital tools, you can start using this feature with just a few clicks. Upgrade your fall fundraising strategy, and get a demo today.

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