Digital Must-Haves for Fall Fundraising Success Part 6: SMS

October 23, 2020  |  Richard Gabrintina

We’ve made it to the end of our six-part digital must-haves for fall fundraising blog series! With only a few weeks left until #GivingTuesday, you might be wondering if there’s still time to implement these tools. The featured tech can be quickly set up, can strengthen your fundraising campaign, and is backed with the results that show they can help your nonprofit raise more money. Make sure to review how your nonprofit can leverage technology to improve the impact of your fundraising campaigns: dynamic ask strings, one-click donations, cover costs, upsell lightboxes, and digital advocacy forms. And last but not least: SMS.

(Click here to see our overview of the six digital must-haves for your nonprofit's fall fundraising success.)

Why use SMS?

SMS, or short messaging service, communication is becoming an increasingly popular mode of communication for nonprofits. The majority of Americans now own a smartphone. To break it down: 93% of millennials, 90% of Gen Xers, 68% of Boomers, and 40% of the Silent Generation. While inboxes might be crowded and mail might be thrown away unopened, 90% of text messages are read within only three minutes of being received. This makes SMS a valuable channel to use in addition to your other fundraising efforts.

If your organization hasn’t started collected SMS opt-ins yet, you shouldn’t base your Year-End campaign around this single channel. However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start building today and integrate it into your overall omni-channel marketing strategy. Even if you don’t have an SMS program built yet, adding an opt-in box to your digital forms is a great way to start building for the future.

More stats on SMS

Looking for more reasons why your nonprofit should be heading toward SMS? Earlier this year, we rounded up seven key highlights on the state of nonprofit SMS and put together snapshot analyses on each. These summarized data points from the 2020 M+R annual benchmark report reflect the emerging trends shaping the nonprofit sector:

  1. Half of all nonprofit website visits came from users on mobile devices. The traffic share for mobile devices increased by 11% from 2018
  2. Mobile users grew as a share of traffic by 11%, as a share of donation transactions by 17%, and as a share of revenue by 21%
  3. The average gift by a mobile device is valued at $63, and mobile users account for a third of donations and a quarter or revenue
  4. Nonprofit text messaging audiences grew by 26% in 2019, at a time when Facebook audiences grew by just 4% and email list sizes declined by 2%
  5. While their growth rate far outpaced other channels, nonprofits had just 72 mobile subscribers for every 1,000 email addresses
  6. Text messaging volume increased by 14% overall
  7. Text message click-through rates were 4.2% for fundraising messages and 9.8% for advocacy messages

Why EveryAction Mobile Messaging?

Image displaying Mobile Messaging welcome screen

SMS is an emerging digital tool that marketers at nonprofits of all sizes can use to effectively reach donors where they are. Because of this, EveryAction developed one of our latest features, Mobile Messaging. It’s a powerful new channel that enables nonprofits to augment existing communications strategies with broadcast text messaging to instantly reach supporters and engage them as activists, donors, or volunteers. Our SMS tool is able to include links that easily direct supporters to an advocacy, event, or donation form, include emojis, and much more. Mobile Messaging is also integrated with the rest of our digital, development, and advocacy tools, so you can easily create, track, and analyze campaigns in one, convenient location.

Image displaying the new search function of the Mobile Messaging feature

Mobile Messaging can easily be combined with other tools, like email, to allow nonprofits to maximize their engagement, event, and fundraising campaigns to increase turnout, drive more action, and raise more money overall. For more of a break-down on how the tool works, read our blog post highlighting its features in further detail. Afterward, get a demo today to see how Mobile Messaging can fit into your Year-End fundraising strategy.

We hope your organization found our six-part series helpful! If you’re still looking for more information on how to make this #GivingTuesday stand out, download our free guide, “Your Guide to a Successful #GivingTuesday and Year-End 2020: Strategies and Tools for Fall Fundraising in Uncertain Times” to get the insight into the tips, techniques, and tools you need to make this year a success.