Drive Calls to Congress Using Click-to-Call Advocacy with Revere Calling

April 13, 2017  |  EveryAction Team

Lawmakers in Congress and in state legislatures across the country often agree: when it comes to constituent communication, aside from face-to-face meetings, nothing is more effective than a good old fashioned phone call. When thousands of citizens call their elected officials about an issue, it can create grassroots momentum that is impossible to ignore.

Organizing thousands of people to make analog phone calls on their own can be difficult, and nonprofit advocacy groups need an easy, efficient way to drive their supporters to call elected officials. Now, EveryAction has made that task so much easier with Click-to-Call.

We’ve partnered with Revolution Messaging to bring their innovative Revere Calling Click-to-Call platform directly to EveryAction Advocacy users. Users can now create an online advocacy form to embed on their website, with supporters who fill out the form instantly receiving a patch-through phone call to their elected officials.

Here’s how it works:

First, users create a new Advocacy form and select 'Revere Calling' instead of email or Twitter. Users input their Revere flow phone number to connect the Advocacy form in EveryAction.

Then users are able to build and customize their Advocacy form just like any other in Online Actions—choosing which data to collect and the overall look and feel of the form.

Publish and link or embed the form, and it's ready to go!

Have a question about how your organization can use Revere Calling's Click-to-Call platform with EveryAction? Click here to email our team!