EveryAction’s Predictive Analytics Gives Fundraisers an Edge in 2020 

April 27, 2020 | EveryAction Team
EveryAction's Predictive Analytics Gives Fundraisers an Edge in 2020

In June 2019, EveryAction announced the acquisition of DonorTrends, a fundraising analytics tool built to predict donor behavior based on past interactions with your organization, increasing efficiency and ROI by allowing fundraisers to direct resources toward targeting the most likely prospects for giving. Today we are pleased to announce that DonorTrends has been fully integrated to EveryAction’s unified CRM, increasing the potential benefits of storing online and offline donor data within the same system. 

DonorTrends brings predictive analytics to EveryAction clients. It uses supporters’ behavioral data to better indicate which of your donors is likely to respond to a fundraising ask, improving retention rates, increasing annual donor value, and raising more money. 

As nonprofit organizations navigate the uncertain social and economic waters of 2020, it is more important than ever to target fundraising asks effectively: talking to the right donor, with the right message, at the right time, and cutting unnecessary costs. 

Predictive analytics software enables fundraisers to better identify who is likely to make a gift now. DonorTrends will help you: 

  • Recapture lapsed donors 

  • Find new sustainers 

  • Identify planned giving prospects 

  • Upgrade donors to your mid-level program 

  • Surface new major gift prospects 

  • Increase appeals and renewal giving 

To see how DonorTrends has increased fundraising outcomes for real organizations, you can read more in our sustainer and planned giving case studies. If you’re interested in learning more about how EveryAction and DonorTrends can help you maximize your fundraising potential while saving time and money, let us know here.