Fundraise Across Borders with International Giving on EveryAction

January 14, 2019  |  EveryAction Team

Many large U.S. based nonprofits working in the areas of international development, refugee services, and environmental conservation, among other sectors, perform a significant amount of work and raise a significant amount of money in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada.

Those nonprofits should be able to easily raise money and process contributions across international borders without complication or difficulty. That's why we've invested in building EveryAction into a fully-featured platform that can meet the needs of large organizations working internationally.

EveryAction's ability to now accept donations in British Pounds, Euro, and Canadian dollars offers users more flexibility to connect with their donors in a more convenient way—and at the end of the day, empowers them to raise more money.   

On the front-end, this new functionality allows supporters from countries using Euro (€), Pounds (£) or Canadian Dollars ($) to donate in their local currency, while on the back-end it powers a dynamic currency conversion and reporting process for admins and users of the platform. 

Finally, contribution Reports in EveryAction now display columns for "Processed Amount" and "Processing Currency", so users can monitor how much money was raised, and pull total amounts in the currencies of their choosing. 

Does your organization do a significant amount of work in other countries? International payment processing is only the beginning—in the coming months, EveryAction is invested in building more features and functionality useful for engaging supporters across borders.