Best Nonprofit Software | 25+ Tools to Streamline Operations

November 24, 2021 | Grace Duginski
Best Nonprofit Software | 25+ Tools to Streamline Operations

Every day, nonprofit staff show up to work, ready to run right toward some of the world’s biggest problems — but to help solve those problems, and advance your mission, you need support from technology that helps you streamline your operations and work as efficiently as you can. That’s where nonprofit software comes in.

When your organization gets the support you need from the right nonprofit software, you can optimize your staff bandwidth, save time, and delegate tasks in a smart way. This will help you to take action around acquiring donors, stewarding and deepening your connections with them, and retaining them for the long haul; or building a network of advocates, educating them on your work, and managing a robust volunteer or member program. That’s a long list of goals, but with support from the right software for nonprofits, you can focus your staff bandwidth and advance your mission.

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Let’s get into the best choices for nonprofit software to help you efficiently launch programs, manage the day-to-day, and move your mission forward.

1. EveryAction | Best All-Around Nonprofit Software

EveryAction’s donor management software will help you enhance supporter relationships.

Okay, we might be a little biased. But hear us out: the beauty of an all-in-one system is its efficiency — because engaging more supporters, across more channels, with more programs shouldn’t require more work. Our powerful unified solution is purpose built, empowering you to work smarter, not harder, by making it simple to optimize and personalize communication across all channels. The result? More money for advancing your mission and doing good in the world.

EveryAction provides the most innovative engagement platform, offering nonprofit Digital, Development, and Program/Volunteer departments best-in-class features, with an easy to use modern user interface. All those features use a unified CRM, which means in one platform, you can know your supporter in their full glory—across their email click, the check they handed in at the gala, and their volunteer day.

We also provide network effects, like our 11 million strong pool of FastAction profiles where donors can store their credit cards (enabling higher conversion rates), and our 4 million strong pool of volunteers. EveryAction also provides world-class reliability and scaling, so even the largest nonprofits can be confident when you get your moment in the spotlight — all while keeping the security of your data top of mind.

Get a demo of EveryAction's donor management software.

2. Salsa | Top Nonprofit Software for Small- to Medium Organizations

Salsa's donor software delivers the functionalities nonprofits need to raise funds for their mission.

One of the newest members of our EveryAction family, Salsa has a lot to offer nonprofits in the small- to medium-sized range. Salsa’s SmartEngagement Technology combines CRM and nonprofit engagement software with embedded best practices, machine learning, and world-class education and support. Salsa’s single platform delivers nonprofit donor management, fundraising, advocacy, event, and marketing automation tools — all helpful to have in one place for smaller organizations.

3. Mobilize | Best Nonprofit Software for Volunteer Management

Mobilize's donor management software helps nonprofits connect with donors via events and volunteering.

Mobilize, a late 2020 addition to the EveryAction family, helps nonprofits, campaigns, and other mission-driven organizations to efficiently manage events and recruit volunteers to unlock the full potential of their supporters. Mobilize has powered more than 14 million actions since 2018, and the Mobilize network now includes over 4 million volunteers. Organizations who have used Mobilize to power their actions have seen a 30 percent increase in attendees from online signups, 5-10 hours saved weekly per staff member, over 40 percent more shifts from the Mobilize network, and more donations from engaged supporters.

4. GiveGab | Top Nonprofit Software for Giving Days

GiveGab's donor software helps nonprofits experience the joy of fundraising.

GiveGab, now part of the EveryAction family, offers the number one digital solution for giving days and year-round giving. GiveGab empowers fundraising professionals from foundations, educational institutions, nonprofits, public media, and so much more to host fundraising events that are easy, enjoyable, and effective. GiveGab offers advanced fundraising and supporter engagement solutions. Between giving days, community giving, Philanthropy Hub, crowdfunding, donation forms and sites, and P2P fundraising, thousands of nonprofits use GiveGab to build awareness for their causes, engage with their supporters, and raise more for their missions.

5. DonorTrends | Best Nonprofit Software for Predictive Analytics

DonorTrends' donor software can help you identify the right donors, to receive the right asks, at the right time—and that's more money for your mission.

A member of the EveryAction family since 2019, DonorTrends’ Predictive Analytics capabilities help nonprofits to efficiently uncover the hidden revenue in your list, and make data-driven fundraising faster and easier by using time-tested donor modeling to surface the donors most likely to give — and the best asks to make of them. DonorTrends’ predictive fundraising models in EveryAction optimize donor segmentation and targeting by evaluating donors’ past behavior and highlighting your best opportunities to improve retention, increase donor value, and raise more money.

6. NGP VAN | Top Nonprofit Software for Electoral Activism

NGP VAN's donor software helps electoral candidates connect with donors to support their campaigns.

A member of the EveryAction family for many years, NGP VAN is the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, as well as nonprofits, municipalities, and other groups, offering an integrated platform of the best fundraising, compliance, field, organizing, digital, and social networking products. NGP VAN has helped Democratic campaigns and organizations raise billions of dollars in our over 25 year history. NGP is the preferred fundraising database for nearly all Democratic national committees and Presidential campaigns, including President Biden and Vice President Harris, all Democratic U.S. Senators, the overwhelming majority of members of Congress and Democratic Governors, and thousands of state and local campaigns throughout the country.

7. ActionKit | Best Nonprofit Software for International Organizing

ActionKit's donor software is powerful, flexible, and can help you advance your mission.

A member of the EveryAction family since 2019, ActionKit offers tools to progressive organizations large and small to build their movement and supercharge online organizing, advocacy, and fundraising. With best practices tested and baked in, ActionKit is powerful, flexible, solid, and easy to use: simple steps guide users through commonly used settings for quick launches of everything from new petition pages to urgent action alerts to fundraising campaigns. However, advanced options and customizations are easily enabled when an organization’s needs go beyond the basics.

8. CyberGrants | Top Nonprofit Software for Corporate Giving and Philanthropy

CyberGrants donor software can help you direct funds to nonprofits more efficiently, and help them make a greater impact.

CyberGrants, who recently joined forces with EveryAction, provides the best nonprofit software for corporate giving and philanthropy. With CyberGrants’ proven workflow engine and community of passionate innovators powering corporate social responsibility efforts, companies can respond more quickly to new and emerging needs. The CyberGrants platform puts resources into the hands of nonprofits faster, and gives companies the tools to efficiently fund causes that deserve support. CyberGrants supports grants management, employee giving, and employee volunteering, and it’s how some of the world’s most generous organizations deliver maximum impact.

9. Social Solutions | Best Nonprofit Software for Human Services Organizations

Social Solutions' donor software helps nonprofits manage contacts with stakeholders.

Social Solutions, another platform that recently joined forces with EveryAction, is the leading cloud software provider for public sector and nonprofit social service organizations and the best choice for case management and effort-to-outcomes software. Founded by social workers who saw the potential of technology to reduce manual paperwork and drive social change, Social Solutions develops technology in collaboration with their clients to support the entire social good community — including nonprofits, public sector agencies, philanthropists and ultimately, the people they serve. Working with people who work in the field helps them solve their most urgent challenges, and helping organizations collect, organize, and interpret their data means service providers can better understand and communicate their impact.

10. WealthEngine | Top Nonprofit Software for Wealth Screening

WealthEngine's donor software helps fundraisers identify and engage the right donor prospects.

WealthEngine helps streamline nonprofits’ major giving programs by delivering wealth insights to find your next best prospect. WealthEngine integrates with EveryAction and empowers giving officers to know their prospects, donors, and customers better than they ever thought possible. The WealthEngine 9 platform applies machine learning to half a trillion data points, creating 250 million pre-scored profiles with over 5 million refreshes weekly to give fundraisers detailed insights into an individual’s propensity, capacity, and intent to engage with your organization.

11. Direct Mail Processors | Best Nonprofit Software for Direct Mail Management

DMP's donor software can help you manage your direct mail fundraising to generate more revenue for your mission.

Direct Mail Processors (DMP) helps nonprofits manage their direct mail program by combining personalized, high-touch, client-focused service with advanced technology to deliver the best possible solutions, specific to each client’s needs and requirements. DMP integrates with EveryAction, and their nonprofit services include caging, data capture & imaging, exceptions handling, acknowledgement & fulfillment, sustainer management, and online donation & e-commerce. DMP helps organizations increase donations and build stronger individual donor relationships.

12. DonorSearch | Top Nonprofit Software for Donor Prospecting

DonorSearch's donor software can help you identify the best fundraising prospects, to raise more for your mission.

DonorSearch empowers nonprofits to connect giving aspiration with giving capacity by helping gift officers identify donors with the capacity to give and an affinity for your cause; expand your prospect list with a philanthropy-focused prospect search database; predict a prospect’s giving capacity with accurate, secure giving intelligence and data; and ultimately connect with donors. DonorSearch gives fundraisers actionable insights, giving history, and wealth intelligence that connects more people to your cause — which improves development teams’ efficiency and accuracy.

13. Boardable | Best Nonprofit Software for Board Relations

Boardable's donor management software can help you manage meetings effectively with some of your best fundraisers—your board.

Nonprofit boards of directors are not only critical to operations, but they’re also important resources for fundraising, advocacy, and other programmatic areas — that’s a lot of hats to wear, and it’s why Board meetings should be efficient but still comprehensive. Boardable helps nonprofits activate the power of their boards with more streamlined and effective meetings. Established by mission-driven founders to serve community organizations, Boardable’s mission is to increase board member engagement with a software platform and a purpose-driven company that serves those who serve their communities.

14. Foundation Directory Online | Top Nonprofit Software for Foundation Funder Prospecting

FDO's donor software helps nonprofits identify the right funders, to win more grants and create a deeper impact.

Foundation Directory Online (FDO) by Candid helps nonprofit fundraisers efficiently navigate the foundation funder prospecting process in order to win more grants and make a bigger difference. According to FDO, 90% of U.S. foundations don’t have websites. With Foundation Directory Online, you can put Candid’s extraordinary database and fundraising expertise to work for your organization, project, or client, while uncovering information on all 240,000 U.S. foundations.

15. OneCause | Best Nonprofit Software for Auction Events

OneCause's donor software supports nonprofits in their silent auction events.

The last thing any nonprofit needs when running an auction or raffle is a disorganized event — especially during the busy year-end fundraising season. OneCause helps nonprofit fundraisers by supporting and streamlining important revenue-driving events, to help you raise more for your mission. With OneCause, nonprofit event managers and fundraisers can seamlessly manage silent auctions, live auctions, and online auctions to add fun and excitement to your events.

16. BallotReady | Top Nonprofit Software for Voter Education

BallotReady's software helps nonprofits activate their audiences around important issues.

Educating each one of your supporters, across every state, on every relevant issue might sound complex, but your nonprofit can efficiently and comprehensively manage that process with BallotReady. BallotReady integrates with EveryAction, which means when it’s time to take action at the ballot box around an issue near and dear to your organization, you can help your supporters check their registrations, make a plan to vote, and research every name and measure on their ballot. This helps them make the most out of making their voice heard.

17. Sage Intacct | Best Nonprofit Software for Nonprofit Accounting

Sage Intacct's nonprofit software helps simplify operations.

Many nonprofit operations staff members wear multiple hats, which means efficient and trustworthy accounting is critically important. Sage Intacct offers nonprofits timely financial reporting, intuitive dashboards, and data visualization to help leaders proactively and efficiently budget for more successful programs that help you advance your mission.

18. TargetSmart | Top Nonprofit Software for Supporter Targeting and Education

TargetSmart's software for nonprofits can help organizations persuade and mobilize the right supporters at the right time.

Your nonprofit wants to educate and mobilize supporters around your cause; but to do that, you need to target the right individuals quickly and accurately. TargetSmart knows nonprofits work hard to identify and activate supporters to change the course of history, and their targeting solutions help you build membership, message persuasively, and mobilize your audience around your mission — and it integrates with EveryAction, helping you leverage those insights in an even more focused way.

19. PayPal | Best Nonprofit Software for Mobile Payment Processing

PayPal's software for nonprofit helps organizations accept more donations more efficiently.

Mobile giving is becoming more popular with nonprofit donors, not only at year-end but year-round. Don’t leave a single dollar on the table — with software like PayPal, your nonprofit can raise more funds from more mobile donors by integrating with your EveryAction instance. Not only does PayPal offer a quick and secure option for online giving, but it also offers a touch-free option for events with QR codes, which is valuable for nonprofits considering hybrid and in-person events and can help give your donors a consistent and smooth giving experience

20. GuideStar by Candid | Top Nonprofit Software for Transparency with Donors

GuideStar's software for nonprofits helps organizations efficiently manage the information they share publicly with donors.

Transparency is an important aspect of efficient nonprofit management, since building trust with supporters helps nonprofits create long-term relationships and connect more deeply over advancing your mission. That’s why GuideStar by Candid can be so helpful — you can claim and update your organization’s Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar to amplify your voice and demonstrate your impact, earn Seals of Transparency, and elevate your work for more funding opportunities. Additionally, with Charity Check you can save time on due diligence and spend more staff hours on the mission instead of data management.

21. Vidyard | Best Nonprofit Software for Creative Donation Acknowledgments

Vidyard's software can help nonprofits send memorable and creative donor acknowledgment videos.

Every nonprofit wants to show donors their gratitude — and sometimes, that means going above and beyond the standard email receipt. With Vidyard, your nonprofit can easily record personalized videos as creative donor acknowledgments, host them on the web, and track views and analytics. When donors know their gifts are valued, they’re more likely to feel more strongly connected to your organization and your mission, which ultimately helps you retain their support for the long haul.

22. Doodle | Top Nonprofit Software for Meeting Scheduling

Doodle software helps nonprofits easily and quickly schedule meetings, meaning they can spend more time on delivering programs and doing good.

Trying to schedule big meetings can be time-consuming. Doodle helps nonprofits set meetings with both staff and outside stakeholders more efficiently by easily finding the best opportunities to meet. Features like automated reminders, syncing with major calendars like Outlook and Google to avoid double-booking, and streamlined meeting updates mean you can spend less time scheduling the meeting and more time preparing for it.

23. Google Chat | Best Nonprofit Software for Internal Communications

Google Chat helps nonprofits streamline their internal communications.

One lesson almost all nonprofits have already learned from supporter engagement? Email isn’t the right channel for everything — and that lesson holds true for internal communications, too. An instant messenger tool like Google Chat helps nonprofit staff streamline operations by asking each other quick questions, collaborating with coworkers, and staying focused on program work to help advance your mission.

24. Google Analytics | Top Nonprofit Software for Website Analytics

Google Analytics helps nonprofits manage their online presence efficiently.

Google Analytics is a helpful tool for streamlining nonprofit operations because for any organization, your website is an incredibly important asset. It’s likely where you see a large amount of fundraising revenue come in; where your supporters go first to learn about your mission and programs; and where they can join your list or take an advocacy action. Google Analytics can help you learn which pages are performing well, where your web traffic is coming from, how long site visitors stay on your site, and so much more.

25. Asana | Best Nonprofit Software for Project Management

Asana's software helps nonprofits focus their time on complex and creative tasks, instead of on time-consuming project management tasks.

Asana helps organizations manage a wide array of projects and “reduce work about work.” With functionalities like reporting, automations, and multiple project views like list vs. calendar, nonprofit staff can focus their bandwidth on the creative and complex work that deserves their time and attention — not rote tasks.

26. Twitch | Top Nonprofit Software for Livestreaming

Twitch can help nonprofits connect with supporters (especially younger demographics) via livestreaming.

Tectonic’s 2020 report on the state of nonprofit video told us that livestreaming had grown in popularity with nonprofit audiences — ”of the top 100 most engaging video posts on Facebook [from nonprofits included in the report,] 51 were livestreams.” Twitch is a platform designed specifically for livestreaming: with the ability to go live at any time, you can have conversations with your supporters whenever they’re most active, encourage them to drop by to say hi, and build stronger relationships with them over the work you do to make the world a better place.

Wrapping Up

There’s truly nothing more important than your mission. That’s why it’s so important to identify strategies and tools to help your organization work efficiently — your team may grow or shrink, but with support from the right nonprofit software, you can make sure your staff always make the most of their skills, so you can create more change and do more good.

For more advice from experts on choosing the best nonprofit software for your organization, download the EveryAction Buyer’s Guide. (Hint: a decision like this isn’t just about functionalities, it’s also about your organization’s dreams and strategic goals for the future!)

Download EveryAction's Nonprofit CRM Buyer's Guide to learn how to choose the right nonprofit software for your organization.

Lastly, to learn more about how the right unified platform can help you drive more supporter engagement, manage your day-to-day efficiently, and raise more funds with less effort, get a demo of EveryAction.

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