A Nonprofit's Guide to Improving Digital Engagement

July 21, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

We live in a digital world, and while tried and true tactics like direct mail and telemarketing aren’t going away anytime soon, donors and activists increasingly expect nonprofits to communicate with them through digital mediums.

Digital engagement with donors, volunteers and supporters requires a proactive approach to be successful, particularly because of the quickly evolving nature of the online world. Whatever your goals are for improving your digital tactics, EveryAction has the tools you’ll need to help maximize your success. With this informative guide, we share ideas to help you improve your digital engagement. 

Covered inside this guide are topics including:

  • Strategies for growing your email list
  • Building a social media platform
  • Personalizing your digital content for maximum engagement
  • Building more effective donation pages
  • And more!

Download today to start increasing your digital engagement today.