Plan & Track Major Donor Engagement with Moves Management Action Plans

February 24, 2017  |  EveryAction Team

Nonprofit development professionals know the drill: organizations with major giving programs need a flexible, organized way to track and map out their fundraising asks for high-touch donors. 

Cultivating relationships with major donors can be a ton of work—so EveryAction has made planning, tracking, and analyzing that process much easier with Moves Management Action Plans. 

This new EveryAction Development feature allows users to create a donor management process, or "Action Plan" to identify prospective donors, segment based on their potential value and donor profile, automate best practices for nurturing prospects, and analyze for performance and improvements.

Here's what one prospective donor's Action Plan could look like:

Let's break it down.

The status bar at the top of the page provides a solid overview of a contact's action plan. It displays a contact's status with probability of giving, length of time in that status, planned ask amount, and previous contribution information. These details are crucial for keeping track of a donor's willingness and ability to give. Those different figures reflect data provided in the Plan Details, Plan Ask, and Probability sections of the page.

Additionally, users can create, schedule, and view specific "follow-up" tasks:

... and also view contact history, add and pin individual notes about the donor, and attach files directly into the Action Plan:

These pinned notes, Action Plans, and contribution history will also appear directly within an individual's contact record.

Finally, EveryAction boasts a robust reporting functionality, and Moves Management Reports provide a customizable and comprehensive look at solicitations and Action Plans across an organization.

Moves Management Reports give users the ability to:

  • Monitor summary data on the total number of prospects in the pipeline.
  • View total ask amounts, projected amounts, and committed amounts.
  • Visualize pipeline data broken down by solicitor, allowing to compare fundraisers' or gift officers' progress to goals.
  • Analyze a list of all plans in each fundraiser or gift officer's pipeline, including days in status, date/description of the last "move", and date/description of the next "move".

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