Share Supporter Stories to Stand Out From the Crowd

October 1, 2020 | EveryAction Team
Share Supporter Stories to Stand Out From the Crowd

Humans are driven by stories. They’re all around us and can appear on different mediums. They keep us engaged and allow us to feel a sense of connection. The use of storytelling is a powerful yet understated tool in the nonprofit world for these reasons. Stories can be easily shared across social media, can engage supporters, and can connect them to your nonprofit’s mission. Ultimately, storytelling can help nonprofits increase outreach and fundraising efforts.

Your organization has probably told its story many times – explaining your mission, vision, and day-to-day work to make a difference in the world. Have you also considered what type of impact a story directly told by a member of the community you serve would have? What about the story of one of your supporters, and why they take action for your nonprofit?

Quick Stats:

  • Roughly 80% of people watch testimonial videos to learn more about an organization, product, or service.
  • Close to 40% of people who watch a video search the related organization within 24 hours of viewing.
  • 57% of people who watch a nonprofit video go on to make a donation.

Takeaway: Personal stories interest, engage, and build trust with your audience. Video stories not only effectively evoke curiosity but also compassion. If your nonprofit isn’t already using video, we made a handy guide on how to make quality video content with just a smartphone!

EveryAction Story Collection

What is it?

Story Collection is an EveryAction digital feature that allows nonprofits to collect, track, and departmentally assign personal stories from supporters that highlight the work or impact of an organization. With Story Collection, supporters can submit a story via an online form.

Here’s what nonprofits can do with the support submitted information:

  • Add/edit stories via the CRM
  • Attach photos and documents on the contact record
  • Attach YouTube links for video stories
  • Assign staff to stories
  • Adjust story status
  • Write comments on the story within the CRM
  • Schedule a follow-up via the stories’ details
  • Manage data via the stories report

Why EveryAction Story Collection?

Image of an example of story collection in action

With EveryAction’s unified database, all of the data you have about your supporters is stored in one place, from contributions, to online actions, to their stories.

EveryAction forms are mobile optimized to increase conversion rates and provide an easy-to-use interface for your storytellers. All of the information that you store can be queried and reported on, so that you can build complex segmentations and targeted lists and searches. And there’s even a mobile app for when you’re on the go – you can collect stories directly through MiniVAN.

Looking for other ways to stand out during this upcoming giving season? Watch our webinar, “Stand Out From the Crowd: Tactics for Getting Noticed During Giving Season” to get the insight you need from experts you can trust.