A Simple Way to Build Digital Relationships with Nonprofit Supporters

February 24, 2021 | Grace Duginski
A simple way to build digital relationships with nonprofit supporters.

Last week, EveryAction co-hosted a 30-minute panel Q&A discussion with our friends at award-winning agency, Interactive Strategies, about low-risk steps nonprofits can take to create a big impact on their online fundraising. We asked Hannah Leigh-Brown, Interactive Strategies’ Associate Director of Client Services and Digital Marketing, about simple actions nonprofits can take to build online relationships with supporters.

Q: How can I build digital relationships with my supporters, without creating a ton of work?

A: This is a question that we get from our clients all the time, especially from nonprofits that are used to building relationships via phone calls and one-to-one relationships. All of those tactics are still extremely important, but you can elevate that relationship by reaching your donors and prospects where they are online across multiple channels. For example, you can get your message in front of your supporters with emails, Facebook ads, Google ads, display ads – anywhere you can reach them with your mission, do it.

Also, show them a variety of different calls to action. As fundraisers, we always like to ask for a donation, but it’s important to build that relationship by also making the donor feel like they’re giving something back. One of the best ways you can do that is asking for their opinion in a survey. Often in the email world, the highest open rates will see is off of the subject line that says something like “Share your opinion!” or “What do you think?”

In that survey, you can ask supporters to answer several questions about your supporters’ views, especially as they pertain to the work your organization does. It makes them feel really involved. At the end of that survey, you can add a question that’s actually a donor call-to-action: “Will you donate today?”, or something like that. This positions you for additional conversion.

But the act of seeking out your supporters’ opinions isn’t just about giving you an opportunity to ask for their financial support. It really helps reinforce supporters’ belief in your mission and make them feel involved. These are some of the most important things your nonprofit can do when building digital relationships with your supporters.

Want to see the rest of the discussion? Watch the full Q&A panel on-demand.