Tribute Giving, Gift Memberships & Ecards Give Groups More Fundraising Options

January 9, 2017  |  EveryAction Team

To maximize their fundraising and impact, effective nonprofits should always be looking for new ways to engage their donors. One popular way leading nonprofits raise money is through tribute giving—the ability for donors to give a gift in honor of someone special. 

With EveryAction, an organization's supporters can now give charitable donations "in honor of" or "in memory of" a friend, colleague, or family member. Member-based nonprofits can also let their supporters share the gift of organization memberships with others. Then, users have the ability to send or schedule a beautiful, customizable Ecard in order to notify recipients of their gift.

Setting up a tribute gift in online actions is quick and simple, users just check the "Tributes & Gift Memberships" box when setting up a donation form:

Here's an EveryAction donation form providing the option to send an Ecard along with gifting a membership to the organization:

...and when the Ecard is delivered, the selected image is prominently displayed with a message from the donor, informing the recipient of the gift:

Take a look at the Outdoor Alliance's gift membership form here, and consider supporting their work

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