We Launched a Product Feedback Group to Help Us Create Better Products

August 15, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

We're always looking for ways to incorporate user feedback in our product development process. That’s why we’re launching the Product Feedback Group, to connect EveryAction users directly with our product team. Product Feedback Group members will receive email invites to various research studies including interviews, usability tests, surveys, and more. You’ll be able to work directly with the product team and see new features first.


Getting your feedback on new product ideas is invaluable. That’s why Product Managers conduct 1 on 1 interviews with customers when they start a new project. We call this the ‘product discovery phase’. If you are invited to participate in a 1 on 1 discovery interview, you’ll speak directly with a Product Manager. They’ll ask you open ended questions to help them understand the problem they are trying to solve. It is important to observe or hear the problem you’re facing first hand. You maybe be asked to participate in follow up interviews as the project progresses.

Usability Tests

Once a design has been mocked up, it’s time to run a usability test. If you are invited to participate in a usability test, you will schedule a time with a member of our team and receive a link to join a virtual meeting. In the meeting, you’ll work with a clickable prototype. We’ll give you some tasks to complete using the prototype, and we'll collect your feedback. You’ll be asked to think out loud as you complete the tasks. This is so we can hear your thoughts as you interact with the prototype and better understand any challenges you may face completing the tasks. This is your chance to see new features before anyone else.


Surveys help us understand problems quantitatively and allow us to collect data from large groups of people. If you are invited to participate in a survey, you’ll simply follow the link in the invitation email and answer the questions asked. The invitation will include important details such as the time it will take to complete the survey, what the survey is about, and how the results will be used.

Other Research Studies

While less common, you may be asked to participate in additional types of studies. These could include field visits, click tests, and card sorts. You will always receive the full details of the study in the invitation email and can choose whether or not to participate. You can easily manage your interests or opt out of the Product Feedback Group at any time by unsubscribing from any invitation email.


We hope you’ll join the Product Feedback Group and look forward to speaking with you soon!