Welcome to EveryAction, Salsa Labs Customers and Team!

June 2, 2021 | EveryAction Team
A blog header with a white and blue puzzle piece background and a hand-shaking icon demonstrating EveryAction's acquisition of Salsa Labs.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Salsa Labs has joined the EveryAction family. We look forward to doing more good together!

Our strategy at EveryAction is to bring together the best people, who create the best and most innovative products, that deliver the most value to nonprofits, so they can do the most good. Salsa Labs is one of the most widely used and best-known companies serving nonprofits, and has an incredible 18 year track record of helping over 3,000 nonprofits do good. It’s a great fit for the EveryAction strategy.

EveryAction is the fastest growing and most innovative company in the nonprofit space, and is positioned to become the market leader, so it’s a great home for the Salsa customers and almost 100 passionate team members. With over 15,000 organizations using us previous to this acquisition, we are the second largest nonprofit software company.

That scale of customers, users, and donors creates network effects that benefit both Salsa Labs customers and existing EveryAction customers. These network effects include EveryAction’s over 11 million FastAction accounts where donors can store their credit cards for one-click contributions, increasing conversion rates, as well as the form pre-filling features driven by 120 million ActionProfiles, leading to higher conversion rates and more engagement. Salsa customers can now also complement their Salsa products with EveryAction’s DonorTrends, GivingDay, Organizing, and other offerings.

As EveryAction grows, our clients do better, and can do more good.

EveryAction and Salsa Labs also share the belief that having a single view of a supporter across online and offline channels leads to raising more money and building more support. Salsa Labs is one of the only companies aside from EveryAction which offers a view of a donor across both digital and offline activity, through an integration between their Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM products. EveryAction provides a single unified CRM, with best-in-class digital and offline functionality. Both products are highly regarded; for example both won the “Frontrunner” designation from Gartner’s Software Advice.

EveryAction’s values and culture are also very similar to Salsa Labs’. Both teams (now one team!) have a shared commitment to empower nonprofits and make a real difference. With this acquisition, EveryAction and Salsa Labs will be able to help nonprofits do even more good!