The end of year-end 2022

January 13, 2023 | Grace Duginski
The end of year-end 2022: celebrating EveryAction customers' accomplishments

The year-end fundraising season is always a busy one for nonprofits. From GivingTuesday to the start of the new year, nonprofits are focused on communicating with donors, sharing the organization’s successes and plans for the year ahead, and meeting their fundraising goals so they can be ready to power their purpose when the calendar flips. During the last month of the year, one of the busiest periods is the last week of the year—Dec. 24 through 31.

We’re proud to support our customers in their accomplishments throughout the last week of the year-end fundraising season—here’s a first look at just three of their achievements during that time!

1. Over 1,000 participating customer organizations received over half a million online donations.

More than 487,000 donors gave over 506,000 online donations during the last week of the year. (It’s also important to note that this time period often sees high levels of mailed-in gifts, so while online giving is an important piece of the puzzle, there’s still more to come on the total cross-channel impact of the last week of the year.) Nevertheless, it’s clear that it’s worth it especially on high-traffic days to give supporters and organizations alike a smooth and enjoyable online donation journey—and capabilities like one-click donations, Cover Costs, dynamic ask strings, and upsell lightboxes can help.

2. These organizations raised over $77 million to power their purposes.

By the end of 2022’s final week, our 1,000+ participating customer organizations raised over $77 million in donations—nearly 12% more than they raised in the last week of 2021! With some organizations beginning their year-end campaign planning over half a year in advance, we know it’s crucial for nonprofits to have the ability to report on the successes of these intense campaign efforts. User-friendly analytics and reporting tools are essential after GivingTuesday in order for organizations to steward and retain the donors making gifts, and to fine-tune the rest of their year-end campaigns. This technology is also important in the new year: organizations need the ability to report on successes and areas of improvement after their large year-end campaigns, so that they can be even more successful next year-end.

3. Nearly 318 million emails(!) to engage supporters and raise much-needed funds.

Our participating customers sent almost 318 million emails in the last week of the year. Given that participating customers sent nearly 70 million emails on GivingTuesday 2022 alone, it’s been a busy season for nonprofit supporter inboxes!

Our customers are tenacious and committed not only to delivering on their missions, but also to making sure their programs are funded and supported. We’re proud to offer technology and expertise that helps them:

  • Build simple, beautiful emails,
  • Prep online forms for high-traffic days,
  • Reliably deliver all the right messages at just the right moments,
  • Deploy predictive analytics to optimize the asks donors receive, and
  • Connect to a deep bench of partner expertise.

Key takeaways

Although organizations spend months preparing for it, year-end can pass by in a flash—and it’s important to be ready for what comes next. Offering supporters a sincere thanks and keeping the engagement going are critical to raising the funds you need to power your purpose for the long term.

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