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  • What We Learned About Digital Engagement from the 2019 M+R Benchmarks Report

    May 15, 2019  |  EveryAction Team

    Every year, nonprofit consultants M+R release their annual Benchmarks report, which provides an overview of digital trends in the sector. This year's report addressed issues such as email list growth and churn, the rise of monthly giving, and the impact of social media's peer-to-peer fundraising for nonprofits. If you haven't yet had time to dig into the full report, here are some of the top highlights that we think are important for nonprofits to know:

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  • EveryAction Acquires ActionKit

    May 8, 2019  |  Stu Trevelyan

    Washington, D.C., May 8, 2019 – EveryAction, a leading provider of software serving over 15,000 nonprofits, announced today that it has acquired We Also Walk Dogs Inc., more commonly known by their product’s name, ActionKit. The acquisition follows EveryAction’s strategy of collecting the best people who create the best SaaS products, that provide the most value to nonprofits.

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  • The State of Nonprofit Donor Retention (And What To Do About It)

    March 5, 2019  |  Gabby Weiss

    As a general rule, retaining existing donors costs less than acquiring new ones. Current donors are a curated universe who have already demonstrated a belief in your organization’s mission, and willingness to take action toward it. As such, for most nonprofit organizations, pursuing strategies to reducing donor losses is the most affordable strategy for increasing net fundraising gains.

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  • A New Landing Page, Just For Fundraisers

    February 22, 2019  |  EveryAction Team

    Fundraising professionals often have enormous workloads, so it's critical that they're able to quickly access top-line data about their various fundraising channels and easily accomplish related tasks. 

    Using the Fundraising Management Landing Page in EveryAction, it's easier than ever to view this data, access critical lists of top donors, search for specific contacts, analyze campaign performance, and more.

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  • Empower Your Supporters to Host Their Own Events on EveryAction

    February 21, 2019  |  EveryAction Team

    Many nonprofits and campaign organizations regularly encourage their supporters to throw their own house parties, host fundraisers, and organize community events. However, it's extremely important that valuable RSVP and attendee data from those distributed events is synced into the nonprofit's database for purposes of list-building, fundraising, and targeted follow-ups. 

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  • Tracking Long-Term Donor Value: The Report You Shouldn't Miss in 2019

    February 13, 2019  |  EveryAction Team

    While almost all nonprofit professionals recognize the importance of running data-driven programs, most fundraising and digital staff of all levels don’t feel like they have access to the data they need for informing strategic decisions. In a 2016 study conducted by EveryAction and Nonprofit Hub, nearly half of nonprofit professionals reported that they do not consistently utilize data as part of their decision-making process.

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  • Fundraise Across Borders with International Giving on EveryAction

    January 14, 2019  |  EveryAction Team

    Many large U.S. based nonprofits working in the areas of international development, refugee services, and environmental conservation, among other sectors, perform a significant amount of work and raise a significant amount of money in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada.

    Those nonprofits should be able to easily raise money and process contributions across international borders without complication or difficulty. That's why we've invested in building EveryAction into a fully-featured platform that can meet the needs of large organizations working internationally.

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  • The Biggest Digital Fundraising Trends of 2018 (And How To Use Them This Year)

    January 14, 2019  |  Gabby Weiss

    Rapid technological developments over the past few years have left many nonprofit professionals scrambling to stay up-to-date with the newest tools and techniques without wasting time and money on passing fads. Digital fundraising is an area that has seen huge advances recently and is expected to continue growing.

    Throughout 2018, the share of nonprofit fundraising occupied by online donations continued to expand, and while direct mail may not have been overthrown, it is clear that digital fundraising is steadily becoming a nearly equally important area.

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  • Our EveryAction Hero: Rock the Vote

    December 18, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    Rock the Vote has been mobilizing the youth vote for almost 30 years. From GOTV to grassroots organizing, their efforts have helped create unprecedented levels of engagement from young people.

    We called up Jen Tolentino, Director of Policy & Civic Tech at Rock the Vote to talk about their mobilization strategy and the role of technology in organizing.

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  • GUIDE: Growing and Sustaining your Volunteer Program

    December 7, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    If you work at a nonprofit, you know what it feels like to have too much on your plate. You are eager to be as effective as possible, but you can’t do it all by yourself. A thriving volunteer program can help maximize your organization’s impact. By evaluating your existing volunteer program and renewing your focus on recruitment and retention, you can build a thriving and sustainable volunteer program that will propel your work forward. 

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  • 8 Annual Reports We Love

    December 6, 2018  |  Gabby Weiss

    Annual Reports are a staple of nonprofit life, but are they worth it? When used correctly, they can be a powerful tool for communicating your impact, but it's important to create them in a way that makes them easy to understand, conducive to sharing, and persuasive to a wide variety of reader perspectives.

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  • Our EveryAction Hero: Middle East Children's Alliance

    November 29, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) works to protect the rights and improve the lives of children in the Middle East through aid, empowerment and education. This year they're celebrating 30 years of serving the region. With programs ranging from education, sports, income generation and more, we’re proud to stand with such an incredible organization!

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  • The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar

    November 27, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    It's finally here! If you loved our 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar get ready for our new, improved, and updated 2019 calendar!

    We've searched far and wide for the best and brightest nonprofit conferences from all around the country! These conferences range in size, location, and topic. We have everything from:

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  • 3 Easy Ways To Make Your Nonprofit's Email Program Stand Out Today [With Free Templates]

    November 15, 2018  |  Gabby Weiss

    For most nonprofits, email is the backbone of their digital fundraising program. However, as all digital fundraisers know, effective email fundraising consists of far more than sending out an ask for donations. Email is many donors’ primary mode of engagement with your organization, meaning that it is also your primary means of communicating information about the organization’s work and mission.

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  • 5 Ways To Optimize Your Donation Pages for End-of-Year Fundraising

    November 6, 2018  |  Gabby Weiss

    Improving your website donation pages is the single best way to raise more money during the year-end giving season. The unfortunate reality is that the average fundraising page completion rate is only 17%, according to the M+R 2017 Benchmarks Study. You’ve already invested so much effort in attracting supporters to your donation page—it’s important to take a few final steps to make sure that they complete the process.

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  • What Email Spam Rates Mean for Your #GivingTuesday Fundraising Campaign

    November 5, 2018  |  Gabby Weiss

    Email deliverability is an important metric for nonprofit fundraisers and digital staff to track, especially in the time leading up to major digital fundraising days, such as Giving Tuesday. Between 2016 and 2017, spam rates rose for nonprofits across the board, averaging at 24.16% for the year. Here is how spam rates affected nonprofit fundraising last Giving Tuesday, and what you can do to ensure a successful 2018 campaign.

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  • 4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Website for End-of-Year Fundraising

    November 4, 2018  |  Gabby Weiss

    The year-end giving season always offers a unique opportunity to engage with your members, donors, and volunteers. It’s a busy time for fundraising, which means you’re competing with a lot of other nonprofits and causes for their attention and support. One of the most important ways to prepare for the end-of-year fundraising season is updating your website, likely the easiest and one of the most common ways that supporters and the public interact with your organization.

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  • Five 2018 Political Campaign Trends that Nonprofits Should Use Too

    October 18, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    As the 2018 midterm elections near, it’s likely hard to ignore the ads, phone calls, mail pieces, and emails from political campaigns in your area reminding you to vote. Although the election-year onslaught of political marketing can sometimes seem excessive, in many ways it is extremely effective and offers a unique example for nonprofits to follow. As the campaign season kicks into high gear, here are a few trends we’re seeing in 2018 campaigns that nonprofits could benefit from as well!

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  • 7 Tips to Make This Year Your Best #GivingTuesday Ever

    October 10, 2018  |  Gabby Weiss

    #GivingTuesday is right around the corner! Whether you’re still putting together your plan, or just double checking to make sure that everything is ready to go, here are seven tips to decrease your stress and increase your fundraising this year. For even more helpful tools for maximizing the money you raise and saving yourself time and stress this year, check out our Resource Library.

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  • Our EveryAction Hero: St. John's Hospital Foundation

    October 4, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    St. John's Hospital Foundation has been working since 1999 to support St. John's Medical Center. 

    With their support, the medical center is now rated 5 stars by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services or CMS (a hospital rating agency) and the foundation is continuing its incredible work to build a living center and meet the needs of their local community.

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