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  • 4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Website for End-of-Year Fundraising

    November 4, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    The year-end giving season always offers a unique opportunity to engage with your members, donors, and volunteers. It’s a busy time for fundraising, which means you’re competing with a lot of other nonprofits and causes for their attention and support. One of the most important ways to prepare for the end-of-year fundraising season is updating your website, likely the easiest and one of the most common ways that supporters and the public interact with your organization.

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  • Five 2018 Political Campaign Trends that Nonprofits Should Use Too

    October 18, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    As the 2018 midterm elections near, it’s likely hard to ignore the ads, phone calls, mail pieces, and emails from political campaigns in your area reminding you to vote. Although the election-year onslaught of political marketing can sometimes seem excessive, in many ways it is extremely effective and offers a unique example for nonprofits to follow. As the campaign season kicks into high gear, here are a few trends we’re seeing in 2018 campaigns that nonprofits could benefit from as well!

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  • 7 Tips to Make This Year Your Best #GivingTuesday Ever

    October 10, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    #GivingTuesday is right around the corner! Whether you’re still putting together your plan, or just double checking to make sure that everything is ready to go, here are seven tips to decrease your stress and increase your fundraising this year. For even more helpful tools for maximizing the money you raise and saving yourself time and stress this year, check out our Giving Tuesday Resource Library.

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  • Our EveryAction Hero: St. John's Hospital Foundation

    October 4, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    St. John's Hospital Foundation has been working since 1999 to support St. John's Medical Center. 

    With their support, the medical center is now rated 5 stars by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services or CMS (a hospital rating agency) and the foundation is continuing its incredible work to build a living center and meet the needs of their local community.

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  • GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising

    October 3, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    It’s no secret that storytelling in the digital age is essential for nonprofits, but the efficacy of stories depends largely on how clearly and strategically they’re communicated to each unique segment of your audience, also sometimes known as a persona.

    Personas are regularly used in sales and marketing to identify, personify, and strategically message to different buyer archetypes. And the process of building these personas can get very detailed.

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  • GUIDE: Voter Registration Campaigns for Nonprofits

    October 2, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    For nonprofits which engage in advocacy around civic engagement or political issues, voter registration drives are a great tool for activating your volunteer base, deepening relationships within your community, and increasing local democratic participation.

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  • 5 Easy Ways Nonprofits Can Use Testing to Increase Digital Engagement

    September 27, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    There’s no secret trick to instantly improving digital engagement for nonprofits. While it’s important to follow standard best practices, engagement rates depend highly on the preferences of one’s audience, which can vary greatly between nonprofits who serve a diverse array of communities and issues. The most reliable way for nonprofits to increase digital engagement is to test different techniques and messages with your own audience to determine what they respond to best, and follow the results.

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  • Here's 28 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Switch to EveryAction

    September 24, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    Thousands of nonprofits use EveryAction software every day to raise money, manage offline fundraising through pledges and grants, send emails, run nonprofit digital advocacy campaigns, and so much more. If you're not already an EveryAction user, here are a few of the best reasons to make the switch today. 

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  • Why You Should Start Creating a Mid-Level Donor Program ASAP

    September 21, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    By focusing a little extra energy on your mid-level donors, you can raise more money and create a quality pipeline for your major gifts officers. Successful mid-level donor programs are all about providing donors with a personal touch while maintaining the analytic discipline that allows you to scale your programming.

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  • Keep Better Contact Records with the Personal Email to Notes Feature

    September 12, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    For fundraisers, the clarity of each donor contact record matters. A clean and complete contact record saves time and provides fundraisers with the full picture. Development teams need to know how the relationship with each donor has evolved over the years. It is impossible to track the nuances of all of those relationships without a little extra help from your CRM. With the personal email to notes feature, fundraisers can easily document their email conversations with donors.

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  • 11 Hispanic and Latino Organizations Everyone Should Know

    September 12, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    Hispanic Heritage Month, officially founded in 1968, occurs each year from September 15 to October 15, a period which includes the anniversary of independence of eight Latin American countries. During National Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S., we recognize the contributions made by and the important presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States, and celebrate their heritage and culture.

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  • Five Signs You Should Use Confirmed Opt-In For Your Emails

    September 12, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    Building out an email list is a science; each factor from your subject line to the length of your email body, to the timing of your send can contribute to your list growth. 

    But even a perfectly crafted email can underperform on a list that is not vetted for the authenticity, deliverability, and engagement of its email audience.

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  • The Secret Metric Killing Nonprofit Fundraising (And What To Do About It)

    August 23, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    When sending a fundraising email, nonprofit Digital staff are keenly aware of the metrics that they need to achieve; a high open rate means the most people are actually seeing the content of the email, and a high click rate indicates that the email's messaging was persuasive enough to move people to donate. Neither of these commonly cited metrics matter, however, if an email doesn't ever reach a supporter's inbox to begin with. That's where your email deliverability rate comes in.

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  • EveryAction Receives Growth Investment From Insight Venture Partners To Do More Good

    August 21, 2018  |  Stu Trevelyan

    I have great news to share. Many of you know that 2018 has already been a landmark year for EveryAction, our team, and our clients.

    The over 15,000 nonprofits and campaigns served by EveryAction have raised as much in the first half of this year than was raised during the entirety of 2017. Many major nonprofits, like Planned Parenthood, the National Audubon Society, and the United Nations Foundation, have “made the switch” to EveryAction, driving our company’s 2018 nonprofit license revenue to increase by 85% over the same period last year.

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  • Nonprofit Social Media 101: Lessons from Indivisible

    August 20, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    We recently sat down with Becka Wall, a Social Media Strategist at Indivisible Project and former Assistant Director of Digital Content Strategy at NARAL Pro-Choice America, to talk about the basics of running social media for an organization or campaign. She had a lot of great insight to share about building your organization's digital profile and engaging authentically with supporters. You can watch the video, or read the transcript below!

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  • We Launched a Product Feedback Group to Help Us Create Better Products

    August 15, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    We're always looking for ways to incorporate user feedback in our product development process. That’s why we’re launching the Product Feedback Group, to connect EveryAction users directly with our product team.

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  • These 5 Website Mistakes Could be Costing You Donors

    July 25, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    Online giving has seen consistent year over year growth, but 66% of nonprofits are worried that they are missing out on opportunities for digital fundraising. By avoiding these five common mistakes, you can ensure that your organization isn't leaving any money on the table.

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  • A Nonprofit's Guide to Improving Digital Engagement

    July 21, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    We live in a digital world, and while tried and true tactics like direct mail and telemarketing aren’t going away anytime soon, donors and activists increasingly expect nonprofits to communicate with them through digital mediums.

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  • 10 (Totally Awesome) Email Newsletters for Nonprofit Professionals

    July 18, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    You know that person in the office who seems to hear about everything first? The one who’s always reading something interesting, always has the best links to send, and knows about all the new trends before you’ve even made sense of the old ones? We know their secret—and we’re going to let you in on it.

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  • The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide

    July 18, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

    For some things, spontaneity is highly desirable, but any fundraising professional will tell you that planning a campaign isn’t one of them.

    Having a detailed strategic plan in place before embarking on a fundraising campaign can be a huge determinant of its success, even before the first dollar is raised. But it isn’t enough to have a rough idea of messaging, an incomplete timeline, some scheduled tweets, and an arbitrary fundraising goal. 

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