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Direct Response Fundraising Software

Segment custom audiences based on any criteria and target them with multi-channel telemarketing, digital ad, or direct mail campaigns to maximize your organization's fundraising efforts.

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Unlock the Power of Multi-Channel Direct Response

From one central location, plan, implement, and track all direct mail and telemarketing efforts, and monitor ROI.
Direct Mail
Create and store an unlimited number of form letters which can easily be merged into any list, customized, sent directly to a printer, and then archived.
Digital Advertising
Create custom target segments in EveryAction, push them to Facebook for precisely targeted ad buys, and track ROI of a given ad campaign over time.
Easily segment your audience into control and test panels, and see contacts, responses, and pledges on each contact record in your CRM.
Optimized Segmentation
Segment your list in new and valuable ways by searching across both offline and online activity in your unified fundraising CRM.
Financial Householding
People who give together don't always live together. Create custom households to account for individual donors who contribute money together.
Reporting & Insights
Track response rate, pledge rate, pending and settled transactions, and more with easily customizable and instant reports.

Manage Direct Response Campaigns in One Place

Consolidate your nonprofit fundraising projects on a single platform. Plan, execute and track all direct response campaigns. Monitor their success to determine the return on your investment.
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Run Seamless Multi-Channel Campaigns

Unlock powerful segmentation and multi-channel communication with direct response campaigns run from a unified fundraising CRM. Layer digital ads, direct mail, and telemarketing, as well as email and SMS communication for effective donor outreach.

Increase ROI

Spend less while raising more, with solutions designed to increase efficiency and optimize fundraising. Use powerful segmentation and predictive analytics tools maximize ROI by only mailing donors likely to give or upgrade.

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Build Strong Relationships, Optimize Communication, and Increase Fundraising Today

EveryAction’s direct response solutions make it easy to conduct personalized and targeted outreach that your supporters will love. Start seeing improved fundraising results today.