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Event Management Software for Nonprofits

Recruit volunteers and easily schedule and track shifts. Throw successful community events and fundraisers with powerful, fully-integrated tools. Empower your supporters to host their own events using customizable sign-up forms.

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Seamless Logistics On a Unified Platform

Manage and schedule your events from one place, while harnessing data insights to drive success.

Customizable, embeddable, and shareable sign-up forms make it easy to find and welcome new volunteers to your program.

Empower your supporters to host their own house parties, fundraisers, community events, and more, while ensuring that RSVP and attendee data is easily and accurately reflected in your database.

See and manage events of all types in one place.

Check-in event attendees on a mobile device for reduced manual data entry and a smooth attendee experience.

Volunteers are twice as likely to make a donation to your organization, and integrated fundraising forms make it easy for them to show their support.

EveryAction's unified platform makes it simple to segment lists of registrations and attendees for email, call, and text communication, while workflow automation ensures all of your outreach happens at the right time.

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Data Management For Every Event

Host bigger, more effective events with unified event management solutions.
Increase Attendance
Promote your event and tap in our activist and volunteer network, which increases event sign-ups by 40%.
Easily Manage Attendee Data
From start to finish, manage recruitment, registration, communication, check-in, and follow-up with attendees from the same system for simple and seamless event management.
Analyze Your Data
Use built-in and customizable reports to easily gauge attendance over time, find your most engaged supporters, and more useful insights to drive strategy.
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Boost Conversions, Optimize Communication, and Increase Fundraising Today

EveryAction’s event management solutions make it easy to manage events of all types and sizes. Start seeing improved results today.