A safe and secure way to save your contact and payment information for the future


What is FastAction?

FastAction is a safe and secure way for you to save your contact and payment information for the future. From a donation form to an advocacy message, FastAction allows you to show your support with a single click, without reentering your information.

Supporters who are directed to donate from an email to a FastAction page are 3.8x more likely to complete the form than those without FastAction. With a network of millions of supporters, more than 70% of form loads have at least one field prefilled!   

What is QuickDonate?

QuickDonate is a saved payment system made by BSD Tools. In June of 2019 BSD Tools joined the EveryAction family, and in early 2020 QuickDonate merged with FastAction. You’ll now see both the logos on the confirmation page of FastAction enabled forms, and users will be able to take action with more organizations than ever before! If you previously donated with QuickDonate you can click here to manage your account.

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How it works

With your FastAction account you can take actions like donating or filing out a petition instantly from your email or with one click on the web. 

In email, any FastAction enabled links will have a donation amount clearly associated with them.  When you go to an organization’s donate page you won’t have to fill out tons of information because everything will be prefilled – all you need to do is select how much you’d like to give!   


Use Facebook, Twitter, or ActionID to unlock Your FastAction profile information Take actions with a single click


If you are logged in using Facebook, Twitter, or your ActionID, you can take an action without having to fill out your information or find your credit card.

Is my information secure?

We never save or store your credit card number. FastAction payments are done by using a secure token-based credit card system provided by partnering with an industry leading payment processing company located right here in the United States.

Your FastAction information isn’t shared with an organization unless you submit a form. 

How can I keep my information safe?

Make sure to create strong passwords that have a variety of characters: upper and/or lowercase letters, punctuation, symbols, and numerals. Also, always log out if you're using a public computer.

Powered by who?

FastAction, QuickDonate, and ActionID are powered by EveryAction. We're a leading technology provider with thousands of nonprofits using our integrated platform of best in breed digital and fundraising solutions.  For more information visit us at


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