Better Voter File Data

Better Voter File Data = Better Programs

The best voting age population file, includes enhanced contact data, consumer data from our partner TargetSmart Communications, and models that are not available anywhere else.

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  • Automatically Enhanced Contact Data

    EveryAction Organizing automatically enhances every contact with political jurisdictions, with the highest quality district information, and standardizes addresses to U.S. Postal Service addresses.

  • Easy In, Easy Out

    Data can be input in a variety of ways, including grid view data entry, imports from Excel spreadsheets, online forms from a website or Facebook that are configured to flow into EveryAction Organizing, responses synced from MiniVAN, bar code scanning, and manual data entry. Exports can be easily pulled - in a variety of formats - including PDFs.

  • Sophisticated Data Structures

    Both map survey questions & master survey questions allow the user to track responses to similar questions over time and aggregate locationā€specific versions of survey questions into one centralized set of results.

  • Robust User Permissions & Security

    Administrators can create granular user permissions which control which data they can see and edit, what survey questions and scripts they can see, etc.