Donor Management

Raise more money with EveryAction.

Keep your online and offline efforts organized in one place with constant access to giving history, records, and contact information - no matter where an interaction took place.

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  • 360 Degree View

    Know everything about your donors - what they see, what they do, and how your team is communicating with them. With direct integration to online tools, you can enable a 360 degree view of your fundraising efforts. And there's no manual transferring of data between your online and offline systems.

  • Moves Management Action Plans

    Easily plan, track, and analyze the process of cultivating major donors with Moves Management Action Plans. Identify prospective donors, segment based on their potential value and donor profile, automate best practices for nurturing prospects, and analyze results for performance and improvements. Read more.

  • Grants Management

    Utilize modern, state-of-the-art workflows to identify and research prospective funders, track deadlines and documents throughout the grant lifecycle, and analyze results. Read more.

  • Robust Reporting

    Dig deeper with detailed reports. EveryAction’s reporting is powerful and leverages Excel-like functionality to make building, exporting, and scheduling easy.

  • Source Tracking

    Know where your money is coming from across campaigns, funds, and appeals (online and offline). Role-up hierarchical codes provide fundraisers the ability to easily search, track, and report on your fundraising goals and performance.

  • Codes That Make Sense

    Make tagging and searching for donors and gifts easier using hierarchical codes. Hierarchical codes allow your team to create a folder-like system to manage and organize your campaigns, funds, and appeals with less confusion and fewer clicks.

  • LYBUNT and SYBUNT Segmentation

    Using pre-created saved searches and reports, you can easily analyze your donors' giving patterns with segmented LYBUNT and SYBUNT universes.

  • Comprehensive Contact History

    Enable a complete view of supporters including activity, history (tracking gifts to other nonprofits), and contact information, all in one place.​​

  • Task Management

    Collaborate around projects, task individual responsibilities, and set deadlines. The task management tool helps you organize your efforts, view and manage individual and team to-do's within a single interface.

  • Custom Fields

    Create your own tailored contact fields with various value types (currency, date, text, etc.) and then import into them on online pages

  • Document Management

    Attach files to constituent records, gifts or pledges.​

  • Customizable Soft Credits

    Easily attribute offline gifts to multiple individuals or organizations, and allocate specific amounts or percentages to each raiser. For your online fundraising program, enable Social Fundraising to manage soft credits coming from your peer-to-peer fundraising program.​