Online Donations

Raise more money, drive more action.

It goes without saying, but we're big fans of helping nonprofits raise more money. Nonprofits have a lot on their plates - so the worry of testing and optimizing their online donation pages should be left to us. At EveryAction, we're optimization nerds - down to the tiniest detail - so your donation pages are equipped to raise more money, take more actions, and generate more excitement.

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  • One-Click Donations

    FastAction allows individuals that have saved credit card information to submit a donation with a single click, making their gift to your organization that much easier.

  • Multi-Step Donation Forms

    Implement fundraising best practices through our multi-step donation forms, shown to increase conversion rates by 40%. Single page donation forms are also available and are highly customizable to give you the look and feel you want.

  • Network Effect

    Tap into our massive activist network, leveraging over 59 million Action Profiles in the EveryAction network. 33% of our EveryAction forms have at least one field pre-filled due to previous action taken within our network, giving clients a 3.5X boost in their conversion rates.

  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

    Empower supporters to become fundraisers for your organization with customizable, easy-to-build individual fundraising pages. Supporters can track the success of their contribution form with real time data on the number of donations made and total dollars donated. See how it works.

  • Easy To Use

    EveryAction makes creating donation forms, that look and feel like your website, easy for users of all expertise levels. Embed any online donation form on any site with just one line of Javascript and HTML.

  • Avoid Donor Drop-Off

    Slow page loading speed on donation forms = lost money and opportunity. Boost fundraising potential by using EveryAction’s online donation pages, optimized to load fast and minimize donor drop-off.

  • Mobile Responsive

    EveryAction forms are mobile responsive out-of-the-box, providing donors a seamless experience and automatically adapt to be displayed on any device.​ More and more supporters are visiting donation forms from smart phones and tablets. If your donation page isn't mobile responsive, this means lost dollars for your organization.

  • Tribute Giving & Ecards

    Allow donors to give "in honor of" or "in memory of" a friend, colleague, or family member. Member-based nonprofits can also let their supporters share the gift of organization memberships with others. Then, users have the ability to send or schedule a beautiful, customizable Ecard in order to notify recipients of their gift. Read more here.

  • Track Performance

    Whether you need a quick snapshot of online dollars raised or a highly-customized report to understand your ROI for an online ad program, EveryAction’s robust online activity reporting provides you the right data - in the right format - with little effort on your part.

  • Visually Appealing

    Making your donation pages beautiful shouldn’t be difficult. Whether you're using our out-of-the-box forms, uploading CSS, or putting your designer skills to work, we provide users of all skill sets the tools they need to make donation forms look great.