Peer to Peer

Enable supporters to raise more money for your cause, by tapping into their network of family and friends.

With Social Fundraising, take your peer-to-peer fundraising program to the next level.

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  • Gamification

    Motivate supporters to raise more for you by allowing raisers to set their own fundraising goals, track their progress, and earn points and badges for every dollar raised. Use the built-in leaderboard to spur competition among supporters.

  • Built-In Social Sharing

    Built-in Facebook sharing provides your supporters with the ability to easily share their page, and drive action using a personal message about why they are raising money for your cause.

  • Tightly Integrated

    Social Fundraising is tightly integrated with your EveryAction CRM to ensure seamless tracking of pledges, soft credits, and dollars raised by source.

  • Integrated Emailer

    Give your raisers the tools they need to send personal appeals. Social Fundraising provides supporters with an easy-to-use built-in emailer that can tap into personal contacts stored via Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and many other major email providers – allowing supporters to easily select their targets and send a personal ask.

  • Customizable

    Tie goals directly to your fundraising page by adding a personal message and selecting a goal that supporters can work towards reaching.

  • Progress Tracking

    With Progress Tracking, users can see who has donated and send them thank you notes.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Utilize advanced reporting to see which donors have the greatest influence by tracking indirect soft credits, with six levels of separation.

  • Run Multiple Fundraising Campaigns

    Raise money for multiple campaigns. Social Fundraising allows you to create as many unique campaigns as you like and allow each to run simultaneously, providing you and your fundraising team the tools to succeed.