Supporter Management

One platform for every action.

Our unrivaled customer relationship system (CRM) offers a single location for everything you need to track and engage with supporters across all channels.

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  • Social Matching

    Get a complete picture of your supporters with Social Matching. We match your email file with social data, so you can identify the right contacts to help amplify a given campaign based on their social influence, social mentions, and past history.

  • Report Builder

    Reports offer a real-time picture of your supporters across all channels. Dig deeper by segmenting data by universe, timeframe, or source. Choose your data points, and use Report Builder to easily arrange and interpret your data.

  • Track Donations

    Track what you need without interrupting your workflow. Powerful, flexible fundraising attributions allow multiple teams to process batch transactions for different bank accounts using unique tracking codes.

  • Dig Deeper with Reports

    Reports can be saved or scheduled to automatically be emailed to you. They're also exportable in your preferred format (PDF, CSV, XLS, and RTF) - as complex or simple as you like. You don't have to worry about exporting the data to manipulate it; use the real-time grouping, filtering, and sorting functions built into the report interface.

  • Easily transition your legacy data

    Upload spreadsheets directly or work with our expert migration team to transition data from your old system without a hitch.

  • Get Exact Insight

    Use contact, transaction, or online marketing codes to create nuanced reports. Customize relationship types and organize parent and child codes six layers deep. Easily classify channels and campaigns for smoother searches. Accurately track the source of donations and measure the ROI of any channel.

  • Track & Report Success

    Track and report success by tying in data across your fundraising, list acquisition, and partner programs.