Volunteer, Member & Event Management

Simple & cost effective solution to manage volunteers, members, and events.

EveryAction Organizing provides a complete suite of volunteer, membership, and event management tools for tracking your volunteers, engaging members, and setting up and scheduling events.

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  • Volunteer Management

    Enable your nonprofit to create different types of activities, shifts, and roles, and track signups and actual activity. Volunteer profiles display key information - including but not limited to: when someone volunteered, campaign activities they participated in, availability, and other custom identifiers relevant for the campaign’s organizing program.

  • Membership Management

    Engage members, track conversations, conduct campaigns around political elections, or advocate for the issues your members care about with My Members. Track critical membership information such as membership dates, leadership positions, and more. If you have access to the optional voter file, append data from the voter file to your membership file, and conduct campaign‐style contact and track activity.

  • Event Management

    Track and schedule events, and manage the logistics of holding said event. See past and future events, along with the history of invitation, scheduling, confirmation, and attendance. You can track event locations (and the availability of those locations), as well as the timing, roles, and participants of all events.