Voter Contact

The gold standard of organizing tools, built and scaled to manage the largest and most sophisticated organizing campaigns in history.

EveryAction Organizing makes your grassroots interactions more effective across multiple channels, from door knocking, to phone banking, to events, and direct mail. It’s also integrated with EveryAction Engagement and Development, enabling you to coordinate your activities across all supporter touchpoints.

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  • Canvassing Management

    EveryAction Organizing incorporates the best practices from the most successful campaigns, with innovative features like auto-turf and turf management that save time. Turf Cutter’s auto‐cut function allows users to generate turfs based on geography and counts without having to physically draw polygons on the map (which you can then edit). Users may generate walk sheets with custom scripts, maps, and corresponding lists of voters for canvassing based on universes they create, whether based on political geography or other attributes. Turf Management decrease the amount of clicks to organize and print turf or send to devices; and displays status summaries with respect to each turf.

  • Free Mobile Contact Application

    MiniVAN mobile app allows you to avoid the time and errors related to data entry; data entered at the door or point of contact goes directly into your database. MiniVAN is available for iOS and Android, and works on phones and tablets.

  • Predictive Dialer

    From national nonprofits to Presidential campaigns to local ballot initiatives and membership drives, our fully integrated Predictive Dialer makes phone banking up to three times more efficient than hand dialing. Script creation, universe selection, scheduling, and the caller interface can all be accessed directly through your database. Results are conveniently received back in real time, allowing you to act more efficiently and effectively.

  • Virtual Phone Bank

    The Virtual Phone Bank (VPB) allows multiple users to make calls to a selected list of contacts, distributed to callers one at a time, with the script and survey questions you identify. Open VPB allows users to publish their Virtual Phone Banks to a website so volunteers don't have to log into EveryAction Organizing to make Virtual Phone Bank calls. Each Open VPB will receive a unique URL that can be shared with volunteers. All the data flows back into EveryAction Organizing.

  • Direct Mail

    EveryAction Organizing makes it easy to send personalized letters and create labels, including built-in householding and random sample creation. Users can create and store an unlimited number of form letters by subject area. These letters can easily be merged into any list, customized, sent directly to a printer, and then archived.

  • Voter Registration

    Streamline the workflow of voter registration and chase efforts.