Powerful advocacy using Twitter.

Sidestep crowded inboxes + gatekeepers. Social Advocacy puts your supporters' tweets in front of those that need to see them most.

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Don’t fight for space in the inbox - cut through the noise and get your message in the right hands, at the right time.

  • Get Personal

    Many elected officials check their Twitter feeds at the office and on-the-go. Social Advocacy will deliver your message wherever they are.

  • Keep it Simple

    It should be easy to empower your supporters. Choose your targets, compose your tweet, and your campaign is ready to go.

  • Start a Conversation

    Let your supporters start a discussion, not an email chain. Leverage Twitter’s interactive format to put your supporters and your message front-and-center.


Twitter is where things happen first. Put your cause where it can be retweeted, liked, and reported on.

  • Start Trending

    Emails can’t gain momentum the way that tweets can. Watch your messages resonate and gather support across the Twitterverse.

  • Do More With Less

    Why send 1,000 emails when you can send 30 tweets? Congressional staff pay particular attention to social media. Social Advocacy puts you on the agenda.

  • Be Newsworthy

    Make noise, make the news. Twitter is a valuable source for journalists and media outlets, so put your message where the action is.


Whatever your issue and whomever your target, Social Advocacy delivers. Get the right message to the right people.

  • @Politics

    Working with Congress? You’re ready to rock. Social Advocacy comes pre-loaded with every US Senator and Representative’s Twitter handle.

  • @Influencers

    Business leaders, public figures, and celebrities use Twitter to engage. Social Advocacy connects you with influence, whatever its source.

  • @Brands

    Leverage the power of good - and bad - PR. Many brands maintain valuable Twitter presences, and work hard to stay engaged with their consumers.