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Grow your organizing program and mobilize your base with the same tools that power national movements. With smart automation, your team can focus on building winning relationships.

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Volunteer & Event Management

Manage logistics seamlessly with our fully-integrated volunteer and event management tools. 

Manage Your Volunteers

Create and monitor different types of volunteer shifts and roles. Easily engage, segment, and schedule your volunteers using our fully integrated CRM. 

Mobilize Your Supporters

Grow your organizing program and mobilize your base with the same tools that power national movements. Recruit, cultivate, and expand your base with a seamless onboarding process. Easily digestible stats help you innovate along the way.

Manage Events

Schedule your events and manage their logistics in one place. Track your event history and easily monitor invites, confirmations, and attendance. You can also track location availability and manage the roles of each participant. 

Organize Union Members

My Workers allows unions to grow their membership and organize new workers into their ranks. Easily track details about workers’ jobs, shifts, worksites, and places of employment.

Volunteer Event Management

Voter Contact

Use the best data available to drive a targeted, strategic, and effective voter mobilization operation. 

Get Better Data

Work with the best voting age population file, which includes data on people's voting and consumer behavior. This rich dataset enables you to move beyond your membership file to recruit new supporters and mobilize populations at every level of government. 

Have Powerful Conversations

Face-to-face conversations are the most effective way to persuade voters and turn them out to the polls. With time-saving features like distributed canvassing and automated data entry, your organizers can focus on building relationships.  

Send Direct Mail

Send personalized letters and create labels with built-in householding. Create custom templates, test your mail with random sample creation, and archive your work.

voter contact

Intuitive Canvassing Tools

Field a more efficient canvass with mobile canvassing tools that save organizers time while also making canvassing more intuitive for volunteers.

Run a Mobile Canvass

Mobile canvassing with MiniVAN provides a better canvassing experience for everyone involved, saving organizers time and streamlining the experience for canvassers. 

Save Time

Stop wasting time preparing walk packets and entering data.  Instead of cutting turf, use distributed canvassing to automatically send canvassers to their nearest doors. 

See the Big Picture

MiniVAN Manager is an accountability tool that gives you a real-time picture of what's happening in the field and enables you to make real-time adjustments to your canvass. 

Increase Efficiency

Seamlessly send lists to your canvassers' mobile devices. The Find My Next Door feature helps canvassers can navigate unfamiliar turf with confidence and responsive scripts keep canvassers on message. 

Intuitive Canvassing Tools

Scalable Phone Tools

Amplify your messaging and reach more voters, with EveryAction's reliable, accurate, and automated phone tools.

Dispatch Live Calls

Create a target universe and script through EveryAction Organizing and then deploy your list to a high-quality call center. Identifiers like Survey Question Responses, Activist Codes, and Disposition Codes will be synced with your database in near real time.

Phone Bank, Faster

Predictive  Dialer makes phone banking up to 3 times more efficient. It automatically dials phone numbers for you, and screens each call so that you only talk to the people who actually pick up the phone. Track results in real time. 

Survey Voters & Spread the Word

Cut any list of voters, members or volunteers, walk through a short, intuitive wizard to record a survey or message and monitor the results in real time.

 Phone Bank from Anywhere

With Virtual Phone Banks, your supporters can make calls from anywhere. Provide your volunteers with a unique URL with scripts, survey questions, and your list. No data entry required. 

Scalable Phone Tools