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Planned Giving Management Software

Intuitive software built for marketing and managing successful Planned Giving fundraising programs.

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Identify and Cultivate Planned Givers

No more spreadsheets or sticky notes. With an instantly intuitive interface and integrated digital marketing, EveryAction makes it easy to market your program, track and cultivate prospects, and measure results.

Planned Giving data is stored alongside online and offline marketing solutions, including email, digital ads, and direct mail, so you can easily track marketing ROI and grow your program.

Predictive analytics-powered donor models score your donors daily and recommend the best prospects for Planned Giving so that you can have the right conversations with the right people.

Easily store information and contact history for your donor's family, legal and estate planners, and other beneficiaries.

Track the status of planned gifts across your entire program, easily view and share a snapshot of your efforts across the board.

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Planned Giving Solutions for Effective Legacy Fundraising

Streamline, simplify, and optimize every stage of the Planned Giving donor journey.
Manage varies types of bequests, including specific amounts, remainders, and percentages, from your fundraising and marketing CRM.
Charitable Gift Annuities
Manage long-term and ongoing planned gifts with ease - track contact history and keep records in a central location for staff access.
Trusts & Pooled Income Funds
Track pledges, contributions, assetts, other beneficiaries, and more.

Build Strong Relationhips, Optimize Communication, and Increase Fundraising Today

EveryAction’s Development Solutions make it easy to manage your organization's most important relationships. Start seeing improved fundraising results today.
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