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Predictive Fundraising Analytics for Nonprofits

Uncover the hidden revenue in your list and make data-driven fundraising faster and easier. EveryAction uses time-tested donor modeling to surface the donors most likely to give and the best asks to make of them.

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Predictive Analytics For Fundraisers

EveryAction's predictive fundraising models optimize donor segmentation and targeting by evaluating donors' past behavior and highlighting your best opportunities to improve retention, increase donor value, and raise more money.

Target the right donors, at the right time, with the right ask using 10 unique fundraising prediction models, updated daily based on supporter behavior.

Transform your data and analytics into clear action steps and tangible results with fundraising recommendations based on your donor data and built to help you start optimizing fundraising right away.

Increase fundraising with optimized and personalized ask amounts for each donor, without any extra effort for you.

Predictive donor scoring tools are fully integrated with all your other contact data for easy reporting, segmentation, and tracking. No messy uploads or integrations.

Set predictive donor scores as triggers for automated workflows to renew and upgrade more donors without spending extra staff time.

Save Time And Raise More With Predictive Analytics

Increase supporter engagement, mobilize activists, and raise more money with mobile.
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Increase Net Revenue

Reduce direct mail spending and increase fundraising by mailing only donors likely to respond. Identify the donors that you should contact more frequently and those that are costing your organization money.

Increase Efficiency

Let the database do the work for you—segment and target donors better without staff time and effort. Set predictive donor scores as automation triggers to conduct timely outreach with ease.

Uncover Recurring Revenue

Growing your sustainer program has never been so easy. Use predictive insights to target donors most likely to give monthly.

Target Upgrades

Increase donor value. Use predictive insights to identify major gifts, upgrade mid-level donors, and find annual donors that are ready to increase their gifts.

Identify Planned Givers

Promote legacy giving. Identify your committed donors who are ready for more information about planned giving.

Reactivate Lapsed Donors

Recapture lapsed donors. Four predictive models target lapsed and deep lapsed donors to find those worth contacting.

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Build Strong Relationships, Optimize Communication, and Increase Fundraising Today

EveryAction’s Predictive Analytics makes it easy to send personalized, interactive content that your supporters will love recieving. Start seeing improved fundraising results today.