The EveryAction Resistance Toolkit


Push thousands of supporters to tweet at @RealDonaldTrump. Sign up new members & collect donations at protests using a smartphone or tablet. Drive hundreds of phone calls to a member of Congress with the click of a button.

Social Advocacy

Mobilize thousands of supporters to tweet at elected officials using a simple, customizable online form.

Put Your Issue on the Agenda

Research shows that Members of Congress are more likely to pay attention to an issue or cause when pushed on social media. Social Advocacy puts your issues on the agenda.

Start Trending

Broadcast your advocacy message somewhere it will be seen. Flood lawmakers', reporters', and supporters' Twitter feeds with your message, and create grassroots momentum for your cause online.

Custom Targeting

In addition to hundreds of preloaded elected officials, users can use custom targeting to tweet at brands, CEOs, or other decision-makers.

Social Advocacy

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MiniVan Manager

Recruit supporters, collect data & accept contributions using the most trusted mobile canvassing app on the market.

Street Team Canvassing

Send out a team of volunteers to recruit supporters at protests, marches, and other events and sync those contacts directly into your EveryAction or VAN database in real time.

MiniVAN Contributions

Combine industry-leading mobile canvassing technology with beautiful, responsive contribution forms for easy fundraising on the street. Scan credit cards to quickly accept donations or manually enter credit, cash, and check contributions.

MiniVAN Manager

Get a comprehensive view of your canvassers' locations and progress with . With real-time data from the field, you’ll know what’s happening with each canvasser, allowing you to adapt tactics on-the-go.

MiniVan manager

Organize Anywhere

Click-to-Call Advocacy

Embed a form into your website and drive thousands of calls to elected officials with the click of a button.

Drive Calls Like Never Before

Nothing compels or reinforces congressional offices more than thousands of concerned constituents flooding their phone lines for hours. Equip your supporters with the tools they need to be heard.

Industry-Leading Advocacy Forms

EveryAction's online forms are easier to build and higher converting than others on the market.

Embed on Your Website

Click-to-Call Advocacy forms are easily embeddable on any website platform, including Drupal, Wordpress, Squarespace, or others.

Click to Call Advocacy