SOME Optimizes Email Fundraising & Donor Upgrades with EveryAction

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SOME is an interfaith, community-based service organization that exists to help and support residents of our nation’s capital experiencing homelessness and poverty. SOME offers a variety of services, including affordable housing, counseling, addiction treatment, and job training. In addition, SOME helps meet immediate daily needs by providing food, clothing, and healthcare to those in need. 


Email fundraising is a huge part of SOME's donor engagement and fundraising strategy, particularly following 2020 in which they saw especially strong fundraising results in digital channels. With an automated welcome series, a regular newsletter, and multi-channel fundraising alignment with direct mail appeals, their email fundraising program is a sophisticated and crucial mechanism for generating revenue.

Crystal Schanette, Data Services Manager at SOME notes, “Coming to EveryAction, the simplicity and straightforwardness of creating an email has been a game changer for us. It's so much easier to set up a campaign—especially if you're doing it on the fly for something that has come up—it's not laborious like other tools I've used.”



With a segmented, multi-channel email program already in place, SOME partnered with EveryAction to test the platform’s Optimized Ask Amount feature with a goal of maximizing the results driven by their existing email fundraising program. 

The Technology

Optimized Ask Amounts is a fundraising optimization tool powered by EveryAction’s Predictive Analytics capabilities, built to maximize fundraising by targeting donors with personalized ask amounts. EveryAction's Optimized Ask uses machine learning algorithms to determine the optimal amount to ask, maximizing fundraising without suppressing conversion rates. It also optimizes the array of ask amounts presented on the form to be personalized for that specific donor's giving history.

The Experiment

To demonstrate the effectiveness of EveryAction’s Optimized Ask Amounts, SOME sent an email fundraising appeal using the functionality and compared the results with recent emails with similar audiences and messaging. 

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Crystal Schanette, Data Services Manager, SOME

“With the integration of email creation and database analytics that EveryAction provides, it’s really easy to get that complete donor picture that you’re always looking to have as a fundraiser, and that is huge and really important. In terms of our email fundraising, the secret sauce is the power of our mission combined with having a tool that is able to reach people and then tell us the analytics and scoring on the back end.”


When compared to the average results of similar emails, the email sent using Optimized Ask Amounts saw increased outcomes across the board.

Increase in Amount Raised per Email Open
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Of Previous Donors Upgraded Their Donation in Response to the Optimized Ask Amount
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Increase in Amount Raised per Click
President Obama handing out food while volunteering at SOME

The stellar results that SOME achieved illustrate the power of Predictive Analytics technology in taking strategic email fundraising to the next level. By using EveryAction’s Optimized Ask Amounts, they were able to identify the donors on their list who were ready to upgrade their gifts, ask them for a targeted and personalized amount, and ultimately quadruple the average amount raised per donor who clicked their CTA.

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