Street Team Canvassing + MiniVAN Contributions

Organize Anywhere.

Recruit supporters, collect data, and accept contributions at events or on the street using the most trusted mobile canvassing app on the market. Fill out the form and learn how you can start using Street Team to get better results now.

Ditch The List + Build Your Base

Hit the streets without a list to recruit new members and build support.


Leverage the canvassing power of MiniVAN without a pre-loaded list of contacts or households.


Collect data and add new contacts directly into your VAN or EveryAction database in real time.


Simple deployment, coupled with ActionID, makes it easier than ever to launch a campaign.


Collect Donations + Grow Support

Raise money on the street or at the door with MiniVAN Contributions.


Combine industry-leading mobile canvassing technology with beautiful, responsive contribution forms for easy fundraising on the street.


Scan credit cards to quickly accept donations or manually enter credit, cash, and check contributions.


Upload easy to read scripts to turn any canvasser into a power-fundraiser.

Donation buttons on Street Team

Track Your Team + Get Results

Monitor canvasser activity and progress with a user-friendly dashboard


View and track contributions collected by your team of canvassers in real time.


Follow your canvassers' location and activity with MiniVAN Manager to have a comprehensive view of their progress.


With real time data from the field, you’ll know what’s happening with each canvasser, allowing you to change tactics on the go.