High-Touch Fundraising & Grants In EveryAction

Learn all the essentials about high-touch fundraising in EveryAction, including bios, photos, outreach, major gifts, and planned gifts. Lastly, we’ll also show you how to manage grants.

  • Related packages: Development Basic, Standard, or Pro, and EveryAction 360
  • Workshop elements: Adding a photo and bio to a contact, scheduling a follow up and creating a follow-ups report, assigning a staff member to a contact, tracking changes to high-touch contacts, adding Moves Management Action Plans and Planned Giving Plans to manage major and planned gifts (Development Standard & Pro), and tracking Grants (EveryAction 360, Development Standard & Pro)
  • Who should attend: Major gift officers or anyone cultivating major donors, as well as anyone managing grants in EveryAction

1:00-2:30 PM EASTERN