Importing Your Data Into EveryAction

We’ll discuss record matching and walk you through how to use the import tool, Bulk Upload. We’ll cover the most common types of information you may want to upload, best practices and tips, and our recommended six-step process for importing your data. This webinar assumes some basic familiarity with contact records, Activist Codes, and Source Codes. To learn more about these elements, we strongly recommend watching our Working with Contact Records and Measuring Fundraising Success webinars or related on-demand trainings before attending this webinar.

  • Related packages: Any
  • Workshop elements: Importing a sample file (1-5 contact records)
  • Who should attend: Anyone who needs to import their own data and, preferably though not required, has become familiar with basic elements of the database.
  • Not covered: Creating and using codes

1:00-2:00 PM EASTERN