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Volunteer Management Software for Nonprofits

Cultivate stronger relationships and mobilize your supporters with fully-integrated volunteer management tools.

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Unified Software for Volunteer Management

Recruit and cultivate volunteers, manage and track shifts, and evaluate program performance, with unified software for supporter data.

Customizable, embeddable, and shareable sign-up forms make it easy to find and welcome new volunteers to your program.

Empower your volunteers to host their own house parties, fundraisers, community events, and more, while ensuring that RSVP and attendee data is easily and accurately reflected in your database.

Measure and track different levels of supporter engagement with custom action scoring to find your best supporters and personalize communication for different groups.

EveryAction's unified platform makes it simple to segment lists of registrations and attendees for email, call, and text communication, while workflow automation ensures that all outreach is timely.

Volunteers are twice as likely to make a donation to your organization, and integrated fundraising forms make it easy for them to show their support.

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Mobilize Supporters to Volunteer

Increase volunteer engagement, mobilize activists, and convert volunteers into donors.
Recruit More Volunteers
Promote volunteer opportunities and tap into our activist and volunteer network, which increases new sign-ups by 40%.
Manage Shifts and Roles
Custom form options make it easy to manage multiple shifts and roles for volunteer events.
Cultivate Volunteer Leadership
Use tools like engagement points to identify your most engaged volunteers and empower them to become volunteer leaders, host their own events, recruit from their networks, and more.
Measure and Increase Engagement
Measure and track different levels of supporter engagement with customized engagement points to easily identify top supporters and those who can be moved up the ladder of engagement.
Convert Volunteers to Donors
Volunteers are twice as likely to make a donation to your organization, and EveryAction's integrated fundraising tools make it easy to harness their support.

Boost Conversions, Optimize Communication, and Increase Fundraising Today

EveryAction’s Volunteer Management solutions make it easy to grow your volunteer program, increase volunteer engagement, and turn volunteers into donors. Start seeing improved results today.
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