Volunteer Management, Advocacy, and Organizing Solutions for Nonprofits

Recruit and mobilize volunteers, cultivate relationships to increase engagement, manage events, and easily evaluate program metrics.

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Grow and Manage Your Volunteer Program

Recruit New Volunteers
Customizable, embeddable, and shareable sign-up forms make it easy to find and welcome new volunteers to your program, while our network effect increases new sign-ups by 40%.
Simplify Logistics and Relationship Management
Easily manage data to streamline attendance confirmations, event check-in, follow-ups, and re-shifting.
Turn Volunteers Into Donors
Volunteers are twice as likely to make a donation to your organization, and integrated fundraising forms make it easy for them to show their support.
Voter Contact and Political Organizing
Manage canvasses, phone banks, voter registration, and more to get out the vote for your cause.
Combine Online and Offline Advocacy
Find your most engaged supporters with unified data showing actions taken both online and offline, as well as donation history.
Evaluate Your Program
Set up custom engagement scoring to easily identify top supporters, and use built-in reports and dashboards to gauge your progress and inform strategy.
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Multi-Channel Volunteer Management and Organizing

Find new volunteers with our built-in network of 4.5 million supporters, which automatically increases sign-ups by 40%. Grow your list and drive more action with less effort.

Easily manage events from start to finish, including building sign-up forms, recruiting, confirming attendees, conducting check-in on mobile devices, and following-up, all from the same database.

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Contact volunteers through their preferred channel, including phone, email and SMS. Results recorded instantly in the same database, for seamless multi-channel outreach.

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Go door-to-door with the most trusted canvassing tools in the country, including MiniVAN mobile canvassing.

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Cutting edge phone banking solutions like our click-to-dial VPB Connect tool make it simple and easy to call members, voters, volunteers, and more.

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With a unified CRM, integrating fundraising into your volunteer program has never been easier.

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Our Mission: Supporting Your Mission

Built by nonprofit professionals based on the solutions they wished they had, EveryAction is designed to help you increase your impact without increasing your workload.
Years of nonprofit experience on our staff.
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“The most important improvement for us has been the uniquely easy way that EveryAction helps us track and analyze our volunteer engagement.”

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