EveryAction 360 Gives Small Nonprofits the Tools They Need to Grow

Simple. Powerful. Collaborative.

Consolidate information on a unified fundraising platform to make your work as a small team more efficient and effective.

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Fundraising Made Simple

Streamlined. Strategic. Sophisticated. A Fundraising Software to Accommodate All of Your Nonprofit Needs.

Simple doesn't mean basic. With automated workflows, deliver sophisticated campaigns without extra hours of work. Create forms, donation pages, and email marketing to reach donors.

Centralizing data makes it easier to find what you need to develop informed strategies. Segment your donors and create targeted omnichannel campaigns. Analyze results to produce data-driven strategies to increase donations.

Record all donor interactions in one place. Generate reports to monitor donor activity. Streamline processes to be more responsive to donor needs. Automate routine tasks to give your staff and volunteers time to build donor relationships.

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[EveryAction] brings together strong constituent management and reporting tools with automated workflow features and helpful functionality to help nonprofits manage complex membership programs and grant applications... The system has much to offer organizations looking to expand beyond basic donor management and donation tracking. Multichannel campaign management and reporting allows you to export donor lists to any channel and track your fundraising performance across campaigns to determine which channels and packages are performing best. Pre-built reports allow you to dive deep into your data.

Tech Impact Idealware, Consumers Guide to Low Cost Fundraising Software, Sept. 2020

Fundraising Software that Grows with You

Designed to be agile and scalable, our all-in-one solution helps organizations grow no matter the landscape.

Improve Donor Experience
Improve donor experience and increase engagement with personalized communications. Give donors self-service options through well-designed pages that are mobile-friendly. With a single platform solution, develop a clear picture of your donor base and their expectations.

Innovate Fundraising
Create in-person and virtual events from a single platform. Design omni-channel campaigns that integrate social media, text messaging, and emails into a well-crafted campaign plan. Use multi-step pages or one-click giving on a mobile-optimized website. Combine on- and offline outreach for a comprehensive look at your campaigns.

Streamline Operations
Store, track, and report on all donor and fundraiser information in one place. Monitor email open rates and volunteer schedules. Keep donor contact and gift records in the same application. See all your fundraising efforts at one time, whether in the office or on the go. Let workflow automation reduce time spent on routine tasks.

Manage Giving
Make donor profiles to track changes in contributions. Segment existing, potential, or lapsed donors for more targeted interactions. Tie giving to campaigns to determine their success. Match gifts to donors, generate receipts and send thank-you emails automatically.  

Build Reports
Build reports that list donations across campaigns, events, and fund drives. Create a comprehensive view of funding sources and produce compliance-related reports. Use centralized information to make data-driven decisions and draw on the graphic capabilities to create impactful visuals.

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Manage Everything in One Place

The EveryAction 360° unified platform equips everyone on your team with easy-to-use capabilities to advance your mission.

  • Unified CRM Platform

    Merge supporter donations, activity, and communications - online and offline - in one place for a 360° view.

  • Digital Communication 

    Create beautiful emails, integrated social media campaigns, SMS messaging, and more.

  • Online Fundraising

    Mobile-optimized, multi-step donation pages -- built for one-click giving and higher conversion.

  • Omnichannel Campaigns

    Plan, execute, monitor, and track campaigns that meet supporters where they are.

  • Advocacy/Action Management

    Influence decision-makers with one-click advocacy actions and use secondary asks to turn advocates into donors.

  • Reporting and Dashboards Build beautiful charts & graphs to see your data in a whole new way.

  • Virtual/In-Person Events

    Create, manage, run, and report on online and offline fundraising events with ease.

  • Donor Segmentation

    Segment your list in new and valuable ways by searching across offline and online activity.

  • Grants Management 

    Track deadlines and documents throughout the grant lifecycle, and analyze results.

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