About Us

Built and supported by nonprofit experts, our tools allow organizations of all sizes to optimize their interactions with supporters and prospects, leading to the best outcomes.​

We've walked in your shoes

At EveryAction, we’ve walked in your shoes and get what you’re doing; our team of experts have held senior digital, fundraising, and organizing roles at nonprofits, and we helped pioneer online fundraising and advocacy. The insights we gained from this experience, combined with a top-notch in-house technology team, have allowed us to build best-in-class tools that have helped thousands of clients - both large and small - raise billions of dollars, send billions of emails, and recruit millions of new supporters.

The Perfect Size

At more than 300 people and growing, we’re big enough to drive a fast pace of continuous innovation and to scale to high usage. With thousands of clients, we’re an attractive partner for other tech companies serving nonprofits; our Innovation Platform has an ecosystem of over a hundred integrations, including great products like CallFire and Eventbrite. At the same time, as a privately held company, we don’t have to obey the sometimes short-sighted stock market and can afford to invest in the future.​

The Right Values, Great Benefits

Those of you who chose to work at a nonprofit have values; so do we. For nearly two decades, our double bottom line company has lived our values, through benefits like up to 12 weeks paid parental leave, 100% paid health care premiums, and all staff retreats in the Caribbean (our values include being a cool place to work); and also by declining to work with organizations that focus on denying racial justice, a woman’s right to choose, LGBTQ rights, or climate change.

Game-Changing Products

Our digital, fundraising, and organizing tools are sophisticated and innovative enough to help large organizations with millions of supporters raise hundreds of millions of dollars and wage national organizing campaigns. Our tools are easy to use, built with best-practices in mind that will improve your outcomes regardless of size.​ And with our world-class phone and email support, free trainings, and no-hassle on-boarding, what's not to love?​

If that sounds good to you, we hope you'll join our roster of awesome clients or add to our team.

EveryAction Leadership