10 (Totally Awesome) Email Newsletters for Nonprofit Professionals

July 18, 2018  |  EveryAction Team

You know that person in the office who seems to hear about everything first? The one who’s always reading something interesting, always has the best links to send, and knows about all the new trends before you’ve even made sense of the old ones? We know their secret—and we’re going to let you in on it.

They all get great newsletters. “Sure,” I hear you say. “I get a couple of trillion of them a day—who has time for them?”. Well, here’s the trick: clean out your inbox, subscribe to some key emails that you actually enjoy (emails that you enjoy - there is such a thing!), and you’ll join the ranks of the content know-it-alls in record time.

Give it a week and you’ll be the hip one wandering around the office saying things like “Did you know…” and “You’re doing it wrong—let me show you this cool new trick.” It’s going to be great.

From the must-have industry news, to the Friday afternoon necessities (I’m looking at you, This Week in Cats), here’s 10 newsletters to get you started.

1. Nonprofit Tech for Good - Weekly Newsletter

This falls into the nonprofit life-hack category—a general collection of links from Nonprofit Tech for Good’s excellent blog, including blog posts, webinars, and even conferences.

Subscribe if: Nonprofit pro is your name, and general nonprofit content is your game.

2. Moz - Newsletter

“What’s this?” you say? A content marketer’s blog? Yep! Moz is a fascinating resource for all things SEO and content marketing, areas from which nonprofits can learn a great deal. If you want to stay ahead of the digital curve, you’ll want to check out Moz’s newsletter. (P.S their Whiteboard Friday videos are fantastic)

Subscribe if: You're in communications or digital and you want to be right on the bleeding edge.

3. Nonprofit Hub - Hubcap

Not only is Nonprofit Hub’s content great, their newsletter is also well designed and stands out from the general tumult of information you often find in your inbox. If you’re looking for a newsletter you can absorb at a glance and decide what articles you’d like to read, this is the one for you.

Subscribe if: You're as busy as all get-out, but you still want to read an article or two.

4. NTEN - Connect Monthly

Do you like your newsletters nice and brief? How about more granular and involved? Either way, NTEN's Connect newsletter is the one for you. Whether you like to skim the blog posts and webinars or get amongst the details, NTEN has everything you need.

Subscribe if: There's never enough content to satisfy you.

5. Your state nonprofit association’s newsletter

It’s no good knowing all about tech and nonprofit marketing across the country if you don’t know what’s happening in your backyard. Search the National Council of Nonprofit’s database for your state association’s newsletter and keep up to speed with the regional issues that affect your organization.

Subscribe if: You're sick of saying "How did I not know about that!?".

6. National Council of Nonprofits - Nonprofit Knowledge Matters

While you’re signing up to your state association’s newsletter, you might want to sign up to the National Council of Nonprofits’ too. Their newsletter will keep you up to speed on any national policy issues that affect your work, not to mention connect you with some seriously useful tools and best practices guidelines.

Subscribe if: You're the one that gets things done around here. 

Screenshot of National Council of Nonprofits newsletter

7. Big Duck

We love Big Duck. While their focus is branding and online marketing,  their content also deals with all sorts of other challenges—from managing your manager to fine-tuning that #GivingTuesday fundraising appeal.

Subscribe if: Marketing, branding, and communications is what you're about.

8. SM4NP - Monthly Newsletter

SM4NP stands for Social Media for Nonprofits. Pretty self-explanatory, right? If your role has anything to do with tweeting, liking, sharing, subscribing, or following, then this is for you. Navigating the complex world of social media is a whole lot easier with this newsletter to keep your head above water.

Subscribe if: Twitter chats are on your calander and scheduling tweets is how you start your day.

9. The Flight Deal

No, we’re not suggesting you quit and go live somewhere tropical with no internet access (although if you wanted to, this would be the newsletter to subscribe to). We are, however, suggesting that between meeting invites, deadlines, and requests you might want to shop for astonishingly cheap flights to all sorts of destinations in order to stay sane. The Flight Deal is no ordinary travel newsletter either—only great, affordable deals make the cut.

Subscribe if: You keep meaning to do a weekend trip but end up watching Netflix instead.

10. Buzzfeed - This week in cats

This is one of the most popular newsletters in the world—after all, cats on the internet are a phenomenon that surpasses all divisions of race, religion, age, location, or gender. This Week in Cats is guaranteed to deliver happiness and stress relief every Friday without fail. Bonus points for inviting anyone who needs a pick-me-up over to your computer to read it with you.

Subscribe if: You have a pulse.

BONUS: EveryAction Top 5

This is our own, home-grown newsletter. We like to think of it as the cream of the crop, featuring things like the best “how to” from a nonprofit blog, videos on skills like copywriting, and often something completely different such as free graphic design tools, or a funny video.

It’s a great mix of content to help you get better at what you do, and impress everyone else while you’re at it.

Subscribe if: You want to ♥ your nonprofit newsletter.


There you have it: 10 newsletters to keep you informed, skilled, traveling, and laughing. Now that you know the secret about how awesome newsletters are you’re ready to conquer the world. Don’t forget to share the love!