7 Nonprofits Fighting for Immigrant Rights

January 22, 2021  |  EveryAction Team

There are nearly 800,000 people protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA paved the way for these children of immigrants to obtain work authorization and relief from deportation, enabling them to go on to universities and build careers and families. After facing much threat in the previous administration, President Biden signed a memorandum aimed at preserving and fortifying the program.

From legal work to advocacy to grassroots mobilization, these 7 immigration advocacy organizations highlighted below have fought, and continue to fight, to ensure that immigrant rights are human rights.



1. American Immigration Council

The American Immigration Council is at the forefront of defending immigrant rights in the court system. They hold the government accountable for unjust immigration laws and educate the American public on the longstanding importance of immigrants in the US. Their belief that everyone deserves a chance to present their case regardless of immigration status is what earns them a spot on our list. Check out their publications detailing “DACA, and Other Policies Designed to Protect Dreamers.”

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2. United We Dream

With over 100,000 immigrant youth and allies and 55 affiliate organizations in 26 states, United We Dream is the nation’s largest immigrant youth-led organization. With their robust grassroots networks, United We Dream leverages the power of youth to advocate for social and political change through allyships with advocacy organizations and toolkits for activist leaders. Learn more about their #HeretoStay Campaign

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3. The Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights

The Young Center believes that every young immigrant deserves to be safe. They ensure the rights of unaccompanied immigrant children by acting as Child Advocates, accompanying them through court proceedings, advocating for their interests and ensuring their safety. Learn more about their work serving these vulnerable communities.

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4. National Immigration Law Center

NILC is a leader in its field by exclusively defending and advancing the rights of low income immigrants. Using impact litigation they have helped to stop unjust immigration laws and millions of workers from losing their jobs. Through their strategic communications and advocacy efforts, they publish briefing papers and share key communications messages to give activists and policy makers the tools they need.

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5. Immigrant Defense Project

Founded in 1986, IDP fights against mass criminalization, detention and deportation through a combination of impact litigation, policy advocacy, trainings, and strategic communications. They provide tools and resources to grassroots organizations on the frontlines as well as pro bono legal services. Check out more of their amazing work.

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6. Florida Immigrant Coalition

The Florida Immigrant coalition is part of an alliance of 62 member organizations. They mobilize everyone from farm workers and unions to students to build an intersectional social movement. Their current campaigns include: immigration reform, detentions and deportation, and farmworkers rights among others. Learn more about their current work here.

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7. Families For Freedom

As a human rights organization made up of former detainees, immigrants at risk of deportation, and their loved ones, FFF fights to abolish laws that tear families apart. Through the years they have organized immigrant communities of color to ensure that immigrant rights are human rights. Learn more about their current campaigns here.

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