Announcing: The EveryAction Partner Incentive Program

December 6, 2019

EveryAction’s mission is to be a force multiplier for nonprofits, to help them engage with more supporters, raise more money at lower costs, and do more good. We do this by bringing the best people together on our staff – people experienced and knowledgeable in the nonprofit world – and providing the resources needed to build products that create the most value for nonprofit organizations. EveryAction is investing in the success of the nonprofit community, which in turn, drives our success as a company, both in terms of achieving our mission and also in being financially viable and sustainable. Now we are expanding this endeavor to include our agency and consultant network as well. 

As EveryAction continues to grow and work with nonprofits across the country, we are striving to build stronger agency and consultant partner relationships and an eco-system of partners that have a common interest in helping nonprofits further their fundraising, advocacy, advocacy and/or organizing endeavors. As an EveryAction Partner, you’ll join an exclusive group of agencies, consulting firms, and consultants that get exclusive technical training, customized demos, product roadmap briefings and access to specialized EveryAction events.  

We are also pleased to announce our Partner Incentive Program, which enables Partners to fuel their growth by working with EveryAction and nominating nonprofits that can benefit from EveryAction tools.  With this program, we hope to support more nonprofits in achieving their missions and enhance our support for our EveryAction Partner community.

For more details about our Partner Incentive Program, or to refer a nonprofit today, click here!