April 2022 Product Updates: Digital & Development

May 17, 2022 | Molly Melia
In this blog, learn more about EveryAction’s latest product updates—including the release of Optimized Ask Amounts and email personalization enhancements.  

Meet donors where they are with Optimized Ask Amounts

EveryAction’s newest feature, Optimized Ask Amounts, is a fundraising optimization tool powered by our Predictive Analytics capabilities. Built to maximize fundraising by targeting donors with personalized ask amounts, Optimized Ask uses machine learning algorithms to determine the optimal amount to ask—maximizing fundraising without suppressing conversion rates.

Because this latest feature also optimizes the array of ask amounts based on each donor’s giving history, you can personalize each ask to meet your donors where they are. This results in higher response rates and bigger gifts with no additional work on your part! It’s even easier than deciding on standard ask amounts or HPC calculations!

Want to see Optimized Ask in action? We conducted a randomized control test from September 2021 to January 2022. With more than 13,000 gifts, Optimized Ask resulted in 21 percent higher gift amounts and 15 percent more donations per form load over the control. You can see Habitat for Humanity of Omaha saw a 155 percent increase in amount raised per email open by reading more in our latest case study.  

Expand your communication with Mobile Messaging enhancements  

Mobile Messaging was built to help nonprofits maximize their fundraising and organizing efforts through engaging supporters, activists, and volunteers with broadcast text messages—all integrated directly through the EveryAction CRM. To better help you connect with your supporters, our team has made personalizing mobile messages even easier with our latest enhancements.

Mobile Messaging can now be personalized with Merge Fields and Smart Links to help you take your outreach one step further. Leverage your supporter data to deliver tailored content like your supporters’ first names and recent contributions with the click of a button to drive even more meaningful engagement. You can even use Smart Links to auto-populate form fields, making contributions quick and easy for your donors!

Customize and increase efficiency with latest email enhancements 

EveryAction’s email feature is built to help nonprofits run email programs that stand out to today’s supporters. You can segment audiences and personalize content, automate email streams for timely outreach, and drive fundraising and advocacy outcomes with integrated forms. Our latest feature enhancements will allow you to customize your unsubscribe pages and automate your email test campaigns.

  1. You can now streamline your email processes by automating your A/B test emails to save time and engage your supporters more effectively. Never forget to go back and send your top campaigns again—by adding an automated “pick winner” feature, we’re giving you the ability to automatically send the winner of your A/B test emails when you select timing and a metric to evaluate the winning campaign!
  1. With our new customizable unsubscribe pages, you can add your own branding, parting messages, and social media links to honor your supporter’s preferences in a transparent and trustworthy way. Continue improving relationships and affirm your organization’s reputation by replacing your current, generic unsubscribe pages with these new options. You can even enable additional unsubscribe pages with down-subscribe options that you segment by email interest activist codes!

The EveryAction team dedicates time to respond to customer feedback and create impactful, robust additions to the EveryAction fundraising products. Learn more each month by visiting our blog