Facebook Events Integration Pulls Attendee Data Directly into EveryAction

May 11, 2017  |  EveryAction Team

NOTE: Due to changes made by Facebook engineering in April 2018, this integration has been discontinued. We're working on a fix to continue providing similar functionality to all our users!

Facebook is one of the most important digital organizing tools of our time. Every day, nonprofits and other organizations use Facebook's events platform to build crowds and recruit attendees to actions, protests, fundraisers, parties, and other types of events.

Normally, the valuable attendee RSVP data from Facebook Events disappears or goes to waste after an event takes place. By integrating EveryAction with Facebook Events, we've aimed to change that.

The new Facebook Events integration in EveryAction allows users to link an EveryAction event to Facebook, pulling attendee RSVP data directly into the EveryAction database—merging attendees with existing contact records, or creating new contact records for new supporters. Here's how it works:

When creating a new event, users open the Facebook Integration tab and drop in the URL of an existing public Facebook Event.

EveryAction will then sync event RSVPs so users can have a full picture of who is attending the event, within their database. 

In the Participants Summary tab, both attendees who marked "Going" and "Maybe" will be displayed.



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